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‘BBC is a complicit – Thousand Protest BBC’s Parroting Isreali Propaganda Despite Onslaught of Palestinians

Hamidat Kelani reports – Thousands of Glascow Scotland rallied at BBC office in Scotland, the BBC is regarded as a complicit in the ongoing mass murder of civilians at Gaza strip of Palestine.

Thousands of people rallied at BBC accusing them of patrroting Israeli propaganda and they allowed Israeli spokesperson to go unchallenged.

The peaceful protest was held at BBC office in Glascow Scotland on 9th of November 2023. Protesters loose hope in BBC and regard them as a instrument to anesthesia citizens.Three human rights campaigners are present at the rally.

Robina Qureshi a Scottish Human Rights Campaigner in her words said; “If you want to anesthesia yourself to what is going on don not look at the image of the dead babies which are your children and my children just watch the BBC.

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“Keep watching the BBC if you want to anesthesia yourself, that’s what the BBC is made for” . Robina in her speech was blunt and the agony she felt for Palestine can be seen through her facial expressions”

The mood of the protests was sober holding their posters firmly and they keep chanting shame on you BBC. A white cloth with blood stain with tag in production with BBC is dropped at BBC door steps which is used to describe dead babies and children of Palestine.

Mick Napier a 61 years old man which is also Scottish Palestine Solidarity man said ;
“The BBC has turned into a weapon of mass deception, they spread Israeli propaganda, they allow Israeli spokesperson to go unchallenged. They are providing a platform for genocide advocates and genocide performers”

The protests from BBC news marched towards arms manufacturers BAE systems and Thales receiving support along the way.

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Yvanne Ridley a 65 years old journalist, author and politician who holds several committee positions with the Alba Party in Scotland gives speech at BAE systems and Thales
“These beautiful people and their children are being slaughtered beheaded by bombs made in places like this. This is a big stain on Glascow.

The activities feel agitated towards BBC and BAE systems a s Thales pleading with them through the rally to stop genocide and cease the fire.

Mick Napier end the rally with
Fight for Palestine!
Campaign for Palestine!
Occupy for Palestine!
Civil disobedience for Palestine!
Everything for Palestine!
Thank you for coming.

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