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Mohbad: Voice Note of Alleged Eyewitness at Hospital Emerges [Audio File]

An audio-visual of an alleged eyewitness who maintained to have been at the hospital where Mohbad was admitted before his death has made a surprising revelation.

The acclaimed eyewitness said he was at the reception area, asserted that Mohbad was unmistakably alive when he and his companions arrived at the medical facility.

Despite his ailment, Mohbad maintained his humility and even agreed to a photograph with the witness.

However, around 30 minutes later, there was a sudden burst of activity among the nurses and others in the room where Mohbad had been admitted.

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The witness found it strange that Mohbad’s friend swiftly took his “lifeless” body out of the hospital, especially considering he was shirtless at the time.

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The eyewitness further revealed that upon inquiring about the commotion, a nurse informed them that Mohbad had been given an injection and subsequently collapsed.

Before they knew it, Mohbad’s companions had already left with his body.

In his words: “I was at the hospital that morning when Mohbad arrived. He came in with that same guy that was shouting in a video that Mohbad is dead. I even took a picture with him because I was happy to see him. After the picture he went inside.

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“All of a sudden the nurses were just working around, they were trying to make calls. Then I asked one of the nurses that earlier talked to me what was going on. She said they gave Mohbad an Injection and he collapsed. Before I knew what was going on, the same young man that came with him left with his body and Mohbad was shirtless when they left.”

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See reactions:

chisom_nathan: chisom_nathan 8 h It will totally break me if the autopsy result shows that he was buried alive 😩😩😩😩.

jack_spa_rrow777: That explains why his spirit is restless. This guy was buried alive Mehn 😥.

sandra__odia: At this point, why the name of the hospital never dey trend already..we need names abeg.

rukayat.olamide.526: rukayat.olamide.526 8 h First of all. I’m an Auxiliary Nurse and I don’t think any nurse in her right state of mind will tell another patient in the hospital that. *They gave mohbad injection and he collapsed*. Unless the nurse is ur gf. I mean why would I want to tell you about another patient. Are you his family or am I the doctor. So I don’t think I would believe what you just said.

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_jacksonshirley: So why didn’t they keep him in the hospital till he regained consciousness.

obaksolo: All this informations just flying on Blogs that can be useful. It’s sad that some people are legit not looking for #justiceformohbad 😢😢😢 stop giving blogs. Send to the police or team in charge.

ibeautifi_: Where was his wife in all of this, I have seen wives bring down heaven on earth just to fight for their husband

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