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Turkey Election: Erdogan Reacts As Run-off Confirmed

After Sunday’s election, President Erdogan said the country had shown it had one of the “most developed democratic cultures in the world”.

“With the maturity it showed yesterday, Turkey has shown that it is one of the most advanced democratic cultures in the world,” Erdogan said on Twitter on Monday.

The president has however said he will win on May 28.

A May 28 run-off between Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu has been confirmed to decide who will be the next president of Turkey.

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Erdogan won 49.5 percent of the presidential vote on Sunday, while his main rival Kilicdaroglu got 44.89 percent.

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Photo file: Kilicdaroglu Kemal, major rival with 44.89 percent

Turkey taught the world the “lesson of democracy”

“The Turkish nation has taught the world a lesson about democracy and shown that unfair demands, obscene insinuations and baseless accusations are wrong.”

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“Turkey will choose stability in the May 28 elections,” President Erdoğan’s ally Bahceli said on Monday.

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“The Turkish people gave strong and visible support to the presidential government on May 14,” he said, “which also strengthened the spirit of national unity and solidarity.”

Who will Sinan Ogan Support?

After the dramatic elections in Turkey, a new name is on the lips of political experts: third-ranking presidential candidate Sinan Ögun.

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Photo file: Sinan Ogan: third presidential candidate with5. 17 percent

The nationalist candidate supported by the ATA coalition received 5.17 percent of the vote. The support of these voters will be crucial when President Erdogan and opposition leader Kilidaroglu go to a runoff on May 28, as neither has passed the 50 percent needed to win.

“Right now, we’re not saying we’re going to support this or that [candidate],” Ogan, 55, said Monday. “Those who do not distance themselves from terrorism should not come to us.”

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