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Large Number of Nigerian students still Trapped in Sudan – SOSAN

The Sudan Old Students Association of Nigeria (SOSAN) has raised the alarm that over 2,500 undocumented Nigerian students are still trapped in Sudan.

Speaking shortly after offering special prayers for the safety of the students, President of the Association, Aliyu Abdulkadir Abdulkadir, said they have received distressed calls from the students that their lives are in extreme danger.

Abdulkadir said even the 5,000 students said to have been transported to Egypt are still at the border as they were not cleared to enter the country, while some were dropped in the bush by their bus drivers for not paying their money.

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He lamented that even the money said to have been set aside for the evacuation of the students is being tampered with, leaving hundreds of the students in extreme danger inside Khartoum.

“Reports reaching us is that, right now, although there is no case of losing lives, some female students are said to be raped while gun battles have already reached within the university,” he said.

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Another Old Student of the Sudan University, Gambo Ado, said they have students, “mostly females, without food, money and shelter,” stranded at the Sudan International University of Africa.

He said they have already reported the matter of the undocumented students to the Government, adding that even those who are recognised, about five hundred are on the border of Egypt.

“For now, there is no single voice speaking for the Nigeria Students, monies sent to them did not reach them and most of them even send their clips in the bushes shouting for help,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has reiterated its commitment towards the successful evacuation of all Nigerians stranded in Sudan before the expiration of the extended 72 hours ceasefire agreement.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Mrs Rhoda Iliya, in a statement on Sunday, urged Nigerians to disregard the unverified information being circulated on social media about the situation as some of them are either due to ignorance or sheer mischief.

He said a total of six hundred and thirty-seven (637) evacuees had arrived at a safe border at Aswan, Egypt, adding that After the necessary documentation and clearance, they will be evacuated to Nigeria.

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