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‘This is rare but beautiful’ Reactions As Netizens hail Igbo observing Eid prayers in Enugu [Video]

A video obtaining moments igbo Muslims has stirred some reactions from different users after being posted online.

Netizens recognized to be mostly Muslims have taken to their microblog handles, Twitter, in commending the faithful in an Igbo community observing Eid prayers in the just-concluded Eid-el-Fitri.

According to what is obtainable, the reactions came after a man, Siraj Nwansukka, who led the congregation had posted a video of himself delivering the sermon in the Igbo language about the ethos of the celebration on Friday, April 21, 2023.

Posting the video, Nwansukka captioned it as, “21/04/23. 01/10/1444. Eid prayer ground in Alor-Agu Muslim community in Igbo Eze South Local Government Area of Enugu State,”

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The video post had online attention of about 2019 retweets, 234 quotes and 7,000 likes as at the time of Publishing this report.

Reacting, a tweep, The Comrade said, “It’s possible, Nsukka borders north central, so you have communities spilling from Kogi and Benue.

“Also, the guy’s Igbo sounds artificial, like something he is still learning…The flow is missing, so can’t ascertain he is truly one.”

Another tweep, Muktar Bagudo said, “Nop! It’s just the Qur’an. Once you have a lot of it in your mind and brain, even your Hausa or English changes in accent.”

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Bolaji Williams opined that it is a beautiful and very rare thing, adding that it is like seeing a bat fly at noon.

Meanwhile, Mudashiru Temitope said, “First time seeing an Igbo Muslim(s)… Masha Allah. May Allah S.W.T accept our Dua.

Amaka Ogili said, “My uncle died a Muslim. We are one with no discrimination. Izu umunna bu ofu.”

While expressing his shock, a tweep, Daddy Evra said, “Really? I can’t believe it. Do you know I used to think about it? So there is Igbo Islam? Allah Akbar.”

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Another tweep, Phanini said, “First time seeing a Muslim from the east.”

Abdul-Afeez said, “This right here is very new to me, well I’m not surprised because of what God said in the Quran.

However, one Oscar opined, “You can practice your religion in peace, no problem. But we will not tolerate Emir in our land.”

Another one, Onyelichukwu said, “The only thing that I don’t like with all this Igbo pretending to be Muslim is known that it’s a pretence because Igbo can’t be Muslim, it’s not in our DNA. Secondly, while you are pretending to be, please remember we are Igbos, we have our attires, put them on and stop

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