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Suspension Of UNILORIN Students Union President: How It All Started

The Students Union, University of Ilorin in the last few days have experienced tussles between the executive-president and the legislative otherwise referred as the UNILORIN SU Senate.

Recall the assembly of the varsity’s students Union Senate led by Fasasi Ahmed had suspended Faji Tobiloba, the Union’s president for a spread term of 60days. The suspension which has stirred lot of reactions is based on allaged irregularities , Encroachment of Constitutional Duties, Insubordination and Misappropriation of Funds against mr Faji.

The Immediate

In an immediate report, the Vice President, Miss Oseni Arinola was installed as Acting President during the time frame that Mr Faji Tobiloba is out from office. The Senate Council passed the position of leadership, power and responsibilities of the president unto his vice.

What the Senate Is Saying

The senate president, Fasasi Ahmed in his statement had pointed out that “Mr. Faji Tobiloba was suspended on the ground of gross violation of the constitution, misappropriation of funds, while walking out on the Senate Council is a grave offence and warrants suspension, it was never the primary objective for our decision in the Council. Mr. Faji Tobiloba has history of violating not only the constitution, but disrespecting the Council, the Student Affairs has on many occasions brokered peace and negotiations between us prior to the last decision to put an end to the continuous assault on the constitution and the parliament.” Read full statement here

What the Union’s President Said

However, Faji in a thread made available on his Twitter handle narrated the cathedral of event which played out between him and the union’s financial secretary during the height period of the transportation issues on campus.

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“On the count of Fund misappropriation, I would like to state that I understand responsibility and transparency, and I operate by the tenets guiding these ideologies. I would for no reason misappropriate resources meant for the Union and by extension the students of the better by far institution. Since my emergence as President, prioritizing the welfare of Unilorites has been my priority, and I have since then not fallen short of duties expected of me.

“In the very height of the period when we were faced with transportation issues on campus, and students were frustrated with deadlines for payment of the University Charges (school fees), a sum of six thousand Nigerian Naira (*#6,000* ) meant for the Union was received in CASH from Mr Fatai popularly known as *Baba Wasila* the chairman of Keke Riders Association on Campus.

“I collected the sum on account of the Unavailability of the Financial Secretary in his office or in the Students’ Union Building on the said day. I kept the money in the locker of my desk at the Students’ Union Building as I could not pass it on to the Financial Serictery at the moment, and I was drawn in by the overwhelming demand to discharge my duties for the day.

“After some days(5days), I came across the money in the locker and approached the Financial Secretary to pass it on to him, but to my surprise the Secretary rejected and refused to accept responsibility for the sum of money claiming that my recipient of the money in the first instance was a disregard of his office. After this outburst from the Financial Secretary, I then proceeded to *return the sum of money to the Chairman of the Keke riders*. How this becomes a misappropriation or overshadowing the Office of the Financial Secretary still remains unclear.

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Faji had also in denial, said the alleged encroachment of constitutional not in anyway read into what he has discharged as a dutiful president of the Union. He also noted that the allegation suggesting he defied order of the authority was as a result of his brief exit during the senate session to answer call of nature

“On the charge of encroachment of constitutional duties, I do not believe I have taken any action to contradict the stipulations of the student handbook, the compendium of the Student Union, the rule of the University, or the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as of Today. Communicating to fellow members of the Union and my constituents on matters that directly affects them  albeit utilizing personal media platforms does not and should not count as an overlap of duty or irregularity.

“If any article or publication that negates official publications from the Union’s media handles exists, proving that an overlap truly existed, such publication should be presented and duly examined. So long as no such publication exists, I am only acting in my capacity as an altruistic member of the Union. If anything, disseminating timely information to Unilorites should augment the duties of the office of the Public Relations of the Union if truly the office is as effective as is expected of it.

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“And lastly Modern UNILORITES, On the matter of walking out of the sitting, in the course of the proceedings I felt uneasy and needed to answer the call of nature. Upon my return to the Senate sitting, I realized that a motion for my suspension has already been raised and passed in my absence.

“Insubordination translates to defiance to authority and an intentional act to disobey orders. There are no laws that states ones cannot temporarily leave a Senate proceeding to be relieved. Again, I do not recognize my act as one tantamount to insubordination or disregard of the senate proceedings.

What the Financial Secretary Is Saying

The union’s Financial Secretary, Aina David in a thread of tweep made available on his handle said the letter written to the senate has nothing to do with suspension of the president. He also recalled in denial that Mr Faji had given any money to him from the Transport proceeds “keke”

“My letter to the senate is not significant to Mr. President’s suspension among other things that were raised at the senate floor yesterday.

“Any member of the Central Executive Council shall refer dispute and matters bordering on discipline and irregularities in the CEC to the senate council”Also, Mr. President @TheFajiTobiloba never offers me any money from the keke

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