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[Exclusive] Kwarans Recount Loss Over Unstable Electricity Supply

By: Folorunsho Medinat Olajumoke

Nigeria is a country blessed with different natural resources, this geared the European came to Africa, which is called colonialism. They came purposely because of raw materials which our leader sell out their liberty.

As Nigeria was known with numerous raw materials which includes electricity, crude oil and many more. Nigeria has sold out their pride to European due to negligence of our leader. Nigeria has thirty six (36) states and seven hundred and seventy four (774) local governments. Kwara state is one of the states first created with her capital as Ilorin.

Some areas in Ilorin such as Kankatu, Itadu, Dada, Alagbado, etcetera are faced with enormous challenges of water supply, electricity amongst other. The lack of amenities in these areas turn to pandemic, affecting the comfortability of people.

Research confirmed that some youths in Dada area protested in August 2021, the protest based on the lack of electricity in Dada, with their slogan “NO LIGHT, NO PAYMENT.”

Peoples’ Ordeals on Availability of Electricity

An interview with Abdulkabeeh, a famous welder in Dada area, he complained, “Life has been miserable for me since the time I got independent from my boss. If I have work I would have to wait for NEPA to on light because my work need electricity supply. There’s engine that I can be using but I’m not buoyant enough to afford its price.”

“It is very hard for me to put meals on my family’s table, some of my co-workers have left this work for riding motorcycle to earn a living.”

He added that, “Countless times, our chairman have been going to NEPA office to find out the cause of this scarcity of light, yet, no tangible causes we can hold as excuse.”

Fatimah magaji said, “I am the one in charge of the water project that was signed by Dr Abubakar Olushola, the water construction slumped due to the fake instrument used by the engineers, as a result of this, we bring the idea of using generator but unfortunately it is not working for it, the only way people can fetch water is through light, when there is no light, people would strive before fetching water.”

Alhaja Balqees Olowolagba, Chairperson for Dada fish seller axis, noted that “I raised my children through this business, but unfortunately things have turned upside down due to the lack of electricity in my domicile. I have falled into debts as a result of insufficient light that my business need.”

“There was a day I disposed a fish that worth #5000; the owner of the money care not about the lost and I have to refund the money. I tried my possible best to contact NEPA and government to help us in our area but nothing change,” Alhaja Balqees said.

ABU ANAS Ventures” a business man around Dada Area ,said ” it was so bad addicted for NEPA in Dada Area, I provide alternative way for people to charge their items such as phone, lamp, mp and power bank “My customers are very corporate and to save their properties is our priority He said:. He further that some other time there are some problem of missing phone and battery which the owners will insisted to collect their things Back,” Abu Ana’s concluded.

Alfa Sasili said my phone battery is not that strong and it’s the only way my customers can get in touch with me but as a result of unstable light in our Area I don’t have choice than to take what I have to get what I need,. He said there are sometimes I used my last card to charge my phone, I urge government and NEPA to help us solve this problem ,” Alfa sasili said.

Causes of the Problem

With research, It was realized the problem came from source of light, the electricity connection from Jebba to Malete and to areas in Ilorin, happens to pass through water. Therefore, whenever rain falls, the wires have to dry before light could be turned On. This issue had been made known to the Kwara state government and they have been taking step on it.

Information From NEPA Office

Through investigation, Mallam Mustapha, the chairman of PHCN Okelele branch, urged everyone to have patience with their office. “ we have been working tirelessly to solve this problem,” he said.

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