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#Unilorindecide2022: Random Splash From UNILORIN UCJ Press Night

The late hours of Monday, January 2022 marked another integral and significant Press Night held by UCJ, Unilorin at the Science Lecture Theatre following the declaration of manifesto by aspirants at the college of health sciences, COHS.

The Press Night is hosted by UCJ as part of the electioneering process where students question their prospective student’s representatives on pressing issues and what should be expected from them before assuming various offices.

They don’t have to be in support — Pappy, Sports director aspirant

Sport director aspirant, Olayinka Oluwaseun said the Student Union executive council doesn’t have to be in support of his agendas before performing any function. “Initially, having service in sporting activities, then it’s should be known that I want to bring something new on board,” he responded to his questions on the feasibility of his agendas.

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Bello Deborah (Sultana) and Kolawole Oladoyin (Queen) — Assistant General Secretary aspirants.

Two declared candidates for the post of Assistant General Secretary, Bello Deborah, a student from the Faculty of Art said proper writing skills and recording skills are the necessary quality of a good assistant secretary.

“I’m the best candidate because of my experience, I am bringing in advancement, we need to digitize all the documents of the union, we are in a digital world”The contending aspirant, Kolawole Oladoyin, who arrived late said Yes, I’m capable. I am emphasising reaching out to leaders.

Each arm of the SU is charged with Proper writing skills, Balogun Abdullah Abiodun (Boi Biodun) and Rasheed Fuad Olalekan (ABIODUN) — Public Relations Officers aspirants.

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300l students of Political Science and the Public Relations Officer aspirant, Balogun Abdullah (Boi Biodun) “Well, I’m against the Twitter ban by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The Federal Government decision is a contravening the fundamental rights of freedom of speech as entrenched in the construction of the country,” he said on the issue of banning Twitter in Nigeria.

Rasheed Fuad Olalekan (ABIODUN), the contending aspirant highlight his view on the Twitter ban, “Social media is a means of communication. The Federal Government is just trying to avoid the dissemination of information by banning Twitter.”

For Boi Biodun, the first step in curbing fake news on social media is to issue a reinstatement, “the fastest way to curb a fake news is to issue a disclaimer and as stated in my manifesto, my agenda is based on creating value through effective communication.”

Babatunde Emmanuel Sunday and Adenekan Adefolarin Shamsudeen — Welfare Secretary College of Health Sciences (COHS).

A sitting Senator at the Faculty of Medical Science vying for the post of Welfare Secretary, COHS, Babatunde Emmanuel Sunday said; “security issues should not be underestimated, I believe in competence and capabilities. As far as this is concerned, I will ensure adequate welfarism to all Unilorite.”

Another aspirant, Adenekan Adefolarin Shamsudeen, expressed hope and promises to college students on significant issues.

NLC Chairman Lands in Prison Over Diversion of Palliative

The mental well-being of students is a thing of priority and an issue of importance.

The mental health of students at the college of health sciences needs to be taken seriously. “Normally, the nature of students in college is built around pressure, if I emerged, it is in my mind to build the gap between the students and the supervisors.”

“I’m bringing in a welfare hotline in which students can call in case an emergency arises,” Shamsudeen added.

Arowolo Emmanuel, Ohere Taofeek Apata, Maiyaki Faruk Abiola, Ibrahim Sulaiman, Ifedele Clement Stephen, Ibrahim Sulaiman Kolawole — Welfare Secretary, Permanent Site“

Body, Mind & Soul is a promise for me to come in for the service of the union and the Unilorite. Every Unilorite needs will be met and solved”

Arowolo Emmanuel, speaking on his mantra. A 300l marketing department student, Ifedele Clement Stephen, said the creation of a new park will enable more parks to ease the congestion at the main park, he emphasized on creation of a new park.

“In as much, I want us to understand the reason to explore, to train students better to disclose our mental health issues, the main goal is to make the mental health of students stable,” Ohere Taofeek Apata (Teryfik) said.

Lawal Micheal and Aina Oluwabunmi — Financial Secretary.

Aina Oluwabunmi, re-contesting as the Financial Secretary of the Students Union believes the cryptocurrency ban is an effective government policy. “Cryptocurrency ban is good, the Federal Government and the CBN are trying to take us into cashless policy. Our understanding about cryptocurrency is not enough”

“At this present time, in as much as the Central Executive Council approve my transparency then I think I’m transparent,” Aina added.

“Our general idea about cryptocurrency is minimal and many Nigerian still don’t know much about it though most develop country operates a cryptocurrency,” Lawal Micheal said.

“As the other panelists had said, I’m subjective to the students and bringing onboard students to benefit from it. We are going to explore what has not been explored in finance” Lawal further highlighted.

Oladimeji Babatunde (Niffy) and Idowu Emmanuel Olaluwa (Makanaki) — Social Secretary.

The two contending aspirants for the post of the Social Secretary we’re engaged on their plan for the university populace, balancing a social life with academics and role in the student union.“

Allowing students to showcase their talent is a way of letting people know about their talents as well as boosting their fanbase,” Idowu Emmanuel Olaluwa asserted.

He said; partnering with brands, organising rap battles, stand-up comedy, and also partnering with Unilorin radio station to keep people’s ears in check. I thought about bringing in the Ilorin festival show and the movie night.

Hauwa Usman, Ologundudu Joseph, Great ChukwuEbuka Emeghebo. — General Secretary.

Hauwa Usman, a 300l law student declared her agenda and hinted at a few of her plans for Unilorite if elected. “I like to see the Central Executive Council as a team for the common goal of Unilorite, reminding them of their welfare to Unilorite” she declared. ‘Hauwa Usman is not mediocre.”

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“I can see that others have a good manifesto, if I emerge as the g/s I will work hand in hand with the other aspirants because I have served in other positions which I did,” Ologundudu Joseph said. “We are incorporating everything that happens in the Permanent site to college, first of all, we want to work with every executive of the union.”

Great ChukwuEbuka Emeghebo, 500l Optometry, and visual science student said; my experience is my strength.

“In terms of academic administration, I will rate Unilorin 90% 70% in terms of structure, and 80% in terms of infrastructure,” Emeghebo gave his ratings.

“Because there is still room for improvement I will rate in 7/10″ Hauwa Usman disclosed.

Oseni Islamiyyah Arinola and Mary Adeoluwa — Vice President, Permanent site & Vice College of Health Sciences (COHS).

“I believe a lady can become the Student Union President, but I’ve assessed myself and I can see that I’m capable for the Vice President. And, my three points agenda are consolidation, improvements, and innovation” says the Vice President PS , Oseni Islamiyyah Arinola.

Mary Adeoluwa, 400l Nursing science student says having tried to solve the issue of transportation in college during her tenure as a senator representing her faculty tends to give her insight into the pressing issues.

“I planned to work hand in hand with the PROs for the proper running of the virtual library at the college of health sciences.”

Arinola believes the current administration had done their best and the incoming administration will take up from them.

Sambo Bashir, Olanrewaju Oluwatumise Joseph, Faji Tobiloba, Muhammadraji Nanahanatu Abiola — Students Union President.

Recall the brutality of a female lecturer by a student, Faji Tobiloba said it is morally unjust and ethically unwise for elected executives to be in such a mess, I will recommend such executives to the UISAPC.

Speaking on their mandates, Muhammadraji Nanahanatu Abiola said; I would say if, given the mandate, the interest of the students is my priority.‘I do not doubt anybody’s capacity and capabilities, irrespective of gender.’

“I do not doubt anybody’s capacity and capabilities, irrespective of the gender I believe he or she knows their capabilities.” “Leadership is coming together for a common goal,” Olanrewaju Oluwatumise Joseph said.

For Faji Tobiloba; ‘I will uphold and defend the interest of Unilorite, working on a synergy with this come response. We will work in line with the provisions of compendium’ he said after sighting article 2 of the compendium.

On the pressing issues in the university community, Faji says aside from the transportation problem, there are security, hostel, and water supply issues. These damages need to be checked to get alternatives.

“Hostelites are faced with poor hygiene in the sense that poor management, upon emergence, we will see to the issues of transportation, CBT,” Faji added.

“The problem of getting proper health have been left, we seek to bring in the good health system through the ministry health care and the student’s affairs,” Sambo highlighted

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