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[UPDATED] Rivers Issues FG 48 Hours To Unmask Those Behind Odili’s House Invasion

*Invasion Of Justice Odili’s House Was Assassination Attempt ― Wike
*Malami’s denial unsatisfactory, says Wike
Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, on Sunday, alleged that Friday’s invasion of the residence of Justice Mary Odili by security agents was an assassination attempt.
Addressing a press conference along with Rivers State Leaders of Thought at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, he said a series of events have shown that the Odili family is being targeted.
While noting that it’s not enough for government agencies to claim ignorance of the invasion, he issued a 48-hour ultimatum within which the Federal Government must take action against all those involved in the invasion.
He pointed out that since the person that made a complaint of illegal against her residence and the personnel that went there are known, the government has no reason not to take action against them.
Wike said it is not a mere coincidence that after participating in the Bayelsa State election panel, some people entered Justice Odili’s house but the government kept quiet; her husband and former Rivers governor Chief Peter Odili’s passport was seized on his return from abroad, followed by Friday’s invasion of her Abuja residence.
He said if the Federal Government says it is not involved in the invasion, it must take steps to convince the people that it has no hand in it.
Wike said if anything happens to any member of the Odili’s family, the people of Rivers State will hold the Federal Government responsible.
He said: “We want to let the world know that we have watched with keen interest what has happened to the family of Dr Peter Odili, in particular, the wife who is a Justice.
“You will recall sometime over a year now, she was in the panel that gave judgement in Bayelsa state. After that judgement that threw out the APC candidate, Lyon, those who were not happy went and barricaded her residence.
“The Federal Government never issued any statement against that. That of course, showed intimidation of the Federal Government against the judiciary.
“So, it is good to let you know the pattern the Federal Government has taken.
“Four months ago, you will recall that her husband, Dr Peter Odili, travelled out of the country and when he came back, the Federal Government seized his passport and of course, after series of letters were written, they denied that they knew about the seizure of his passport until when he went to court to enforce his human fundamental rights.
“That was when the Immigration came out to yes, we took his passport because his name was there on the watchlist.”
Wike said no reason was given for the seizure of the passport while denials were made until the court gave judgment that they cannot do that.
While he noted the various denials over the Friday house invasion, Governor Wike added: “It is curious if you look at the application made by the police to obtain the search warrant from a Magistrate Court to search the residence of Number 9 Imo Street. There is nothing like Imo Street. What we have is Imo River.
“Justice Mary Odili’s residence is not Number 9 but Number 7. Can security operatives apply to a magistrate court as they said, over illegal activities taking place in Number 9 Imo, to them, Street?
“That means that you know where the illegal activity is taking place because you couldn’t have applied for a search warrant when you don’t know where illegal activities are taking place.”
“So, it’s not a question of we are not sure. While now go in the evening to invade Justice Mary Odili’s residence? The husband was not in town.
“So, if the Federal Government is saying that they are not involved, then the onus is on the Federal Government to come out not just merely denying but we must see the steps you are taking to prove that you are not involved.
“And having known that a magistrate was the one who gave that order and having known it was the police that applied for such search warrant, you cannot now say that they are people you don’t know. The names of the policemen are there.
“So, mere denial is not going to satisfy Rivers state people because of the pattern.”
According to the governor, it was not the first time such would be happening as he recalled the experience of late Justice Sylvester Ogwuta, who he said may have succumbed to the trauma of the invasion of his residence by security agents.
He stated: “DSS invaded his house. I’m sure the late Justice did not come out of it and I believe part of what led to his death must have been that invasion because you know it is not easy psychologically and otherwise.
“So, we are telling the world, if anything happens to the family of Dr Peter Odili, the Federal Government should be held accountable because they have shown that there is something they are about carrying out.
“If anything happens to my Lord, Justice Mary Odili, the husband and the children, the Federal Government should be held responsible.
“That is the position of the Rivers State government and Rivers people because enough is enough!”
Governor Wike informed that his administration is taking steps to see that the matter reaches a conclusion to unravel the perpetrators.
He further said: “I will think that it is an attempt to assassinate Justice Mary Odili and the husband and the members of the family because there are no two ways about it.
“And if they had succeeded, all the federal government would have told us is we would get to the root of the matter. That’s the normal language. Then, after one or two weeks, everybody will be quiet.
“But this will not be the same because this is an assassination attempt.”
While rejecting the probe initiated by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation into the matter, Wike further said: “We have given them 48 hours ultimatum to come out and tell Nigerians that this is what they have done.”
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