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“Nothing like former Prime Minister,” Raila insists to be addressed as Prime Minister

Kenya’s former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. [PHOTO | FILE]

Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga has insisted that he should be addressed as Prime Minister and not as former Primer.

Speaking in a local radio station Raila said that he should be addressed as the Prime Minister until such a time Kenya will get a new Prime Minister.

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Raila’s statement comes after a journalist called him the former Prime Minister, a name he quickly refuted.

“There is nothing like former Prime Minister. You can only refer to me as a former Prime if someone has taken over that position,” Raila said.

“There is no current so you can’t refer to me as former,” he added amid laughter.Raila served Kenya’s second prime minister during the grand-coalition government that was formed following the 2007 General Election that turned chaotic.

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After the promulgation of Kenya’s new constitution, the office of the Prime Minister was disbanded and since then Kenya has never had another Primer since Raila left the office in 2013

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