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Silence by Hassan Tesleemah

I know, many will be curious about the kind of silence I am referring to You don’t need to strain your brain over that ; neither need to keep guessing.

Truly, the word silence is ambiguous. But today, not referring to the silence that enhances concentration, promotes meditation and allows you to be in touch with your inner thought or get you to think neither to act but really talking about the silence which has led to suicide; which has destroyed thousands of lives and claim millions of properties out there.
According to Martin Luther King Jr. “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matters”. That is just the reality. You know this but still silence yourself ; hurt yourself and weaken your soul every seconds. It is high time for you to be awaken and raise your voice to the sky!
Silence is a dangerous habit, which is an act of denying yourself from speaking out the troubles you are going through to the closer ones. 
When you silence yourself, it damages everything. One of the things that causes silence in your life is fear.
Having a fear that when you speak out about the bad things someone has done or keep doing, it will end the relationship between you and the person. You keep silence because you value the relationship and afraid that it will worsen or even end if you say how you really feel. Ironically, without honest and open dialogue, without voicing out there is no possibility of a deeper and better relationship.  
Silencing yourself keep worsen the situation and eating your heart slowly which you have no idea about. Do you know that, keeping silent doesn’t make that feeling dissipate? Just the opposite happens–the unspoken problem remains, distancing occurs and the relationship suffers as a result.
Threatening could make one to remain silent. The victims of assaults can be threatened with death by their assaulters which makes them so scared to tell even their close associates.
Also, in marriages where people subject themselves to series of unnecessary torture because they claim to love their partner and will always hope things change for good till it get out of hands and probably result to death. I could vividly recall an incident that happened few years back in Lagos state where a 16 years old girl stabbed her father to death because the father had been sexually assaulting the girl right from when she was 15.
When she reported to her mother, she shut her up and accused her of being evil and wanted to destroy her home. When the mother fount out the truth, she couldn’t do anything as she only told her daughter to remain silent. The husband never stop assaulting his daughter till she could no longer take it and finally decide to end it by stabbing her father to death. This and many more incidents had occurred which the victim still kept it to themselves which later result to emotional trauma and lead to suicide.
The society has a big role to play in this case by showing love and affection to the victims of sexual abuse and many more bad vices. Also, they need to stop treating them like a plague which is the reason why most people silence themselves.
In all, the government is not left out in this case, they need to partner with agencies that will orientate the people on the need to always voice out their grief, they need to realize that their voice is the power they posses against these unscrupulous individuals. There is also the need to instail a strict punishment for those evil doers. I heard the government has out a measure in place by castigating those found wanting of rape or sexual assault which is a very good step. They need to ensure these rules are follow religiously by the judiciary.
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