Home commentary OPINION:The Down of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook_-Olayinka Abdur-Razzaq (Abu Hafs)

OPINION:The Down of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook_-Olayinka Abdur-Razzaq (Abu Hafs)

The Down of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

We do see signs of Allah’s mighty day by day and how weak mankind are before Him, yet we still do as if this ephemeral life is eternal.
whatsApp, Instagram and Facebook went down yesterday, everybody was lost on the line and looked for way out. Some were like I couldn’t get in touch with my families, friends and others, just within 24hours. This is because we have attached most of our lives to it and never thought that such kind of incidence could happen. Some were in keen that their messages should deliver before the happening.
Some were expecting messages from their friends. Some were trying to delete their messages that already sent. Perhaps, to correct the error therein. But it’s pathetic that none of these can be actualized during that hours.
All of us became weak and knew not way out. Even the owners of those medias were incapacitated to give a genuine reason on the incidence. All that They could say was that things would soon come to normalcy. God is great.
Dear brethren, that is how this life will cease one day. Many will want a respite to correct theirs misdeeds, but there won’t be any chance again. Many will cry out for aids from their pals, but all will be in vain.
Dear living friends, as long as your nostrils is still inhaling and exhaling, indeed you have a great chance to right your wrongs with good deeds. There’s a chance for you to quickly repent to your Lord. It’s not too late now to give total submission to Allah. Before the day the Sun will set in from where it rises.
The invaluable opportunity you have now is your sound health on Earth. Don’t wait on till your heart will go back to its Creator. When you will no more on it but underneath.
Take a lesson from this and learn from it. Behold that that is how this life will come to an end one day. Everyone would lost on the lane and whatever you died on shall be on what you will be raised with. Know that no helper will be able to help you on that Day. Even your parents and loved ones will make away from you for dear surviving.
Will you not turn to your Lord today before the day you will return to him?. Verily, Death comes unnoticed.
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