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Nigeria: The Story of Insecurity and it’s possible solutions by Omoha Otuosorochi Junior

The primary aim of every reasonable government is to protect the masses, who elected them into power. Human security should always be the main essence of every Government; Federal, State and Local Government but once any Government divert from the protection of the masses, instead prefer the safety of Cows and their personal properties to Human lives, then such Government should in all ramifications be tagged “A Failed Government”. 
 There is no Government without the masses, the Masses are the ones who elected some persons into power and submitted all their mandates and interest to such Government and every Good Government is always being indulged to discharge such duties of protecting it’s subordinates and their interest.

We lent credence to the above notion from section 14 (2) b) of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, where it was overtly stated “The Security and Welfare of the People shall be the primary purpose of Government”. Similarly, from the wordings of the abovementioned section, it will be pertinent and crucial to reiterate that the primary purpose of every government is to sustain the welfare and security of the masses and every good government is expected to imbibes by this.
Come to think of it, should we take it that our Leaders are not aware of the above section, No, I doubt. Our leaders are fully aware of the above section which saddled them with the duty of protecting the masses and doing all for the well being of their subordinates, but they all prefer their private interests to human lives.
In Nigeria, it has really become a norm rather than an odium that what occupies the air now, is the issue of incessant killings by the Bandits/Herders and the abduction of Students and workers. The news of the heinous killing by the unknown gunmen has spread wide than a harmathan wildfire. The Country is no longer safe for human existence, and the lives of the animals are now more safe in the forest than ours in the house. However, the worst remains that our leaders are really not being disturbed about this, their faces like the rainy season plan nothing good for those they are leading.
 On February 19th, 2018 at 5:30pm, 110 Dapchi school girls were kidnapped at Yobe State, but what did our leaders do, they reluctantly went and negotiated with the kidnappers and the girls were released and similarly, on the 11 December, 2020 over 300 pupils were kidnapped in Kastina and at Niger, 27 students, 3 staff and 12 members of their families were abducted by armed gang and even at Zamfara, 279 students were also being kidnapped, and this shenanigans have continued till date that our mouths are now filled with the sand of hardship which no man cares to ameliorate in the name of leadership. Many well known Nigerians have been sent to their early graves on the ground of insecurities in the country. While our leaders continue with the gathering at the appearance of Moon and its folktales.
Meanwhile, amidst all these ugly incidents, what our leaders continue doing is negotiating with the kidnappers, bandits and the known ‘unknown gunmen’. Wait, but does it mean that negotiating with the armed gangs is bad, No, I doubt, it may not be totally marked bad But we rather add that our leaders should not wait for the nefarious acts to occur, instead they should proffer proactive and effective security managements that will help to contain the enormous security insurgency that is facing our dear country; Nigeria.
We only have one sweet country, Nigeria and the Security and Welfare of the people are the primary aims of every leadership, so we humbly submit that our leaders should in accordance with the provisions of the grundnorm of the land, provide the masses with a safe country, where we can school, work and rest freely without fear of being killed by herdsmen or being kidnapped by Armed gang.
In the other vein, We suggest that the masses should be enjoined to assist the security agencies in curbing security insurgencies in the country and to always speak up whenever they sense security anomality in their surroundings.
Assume your lofty dream being aborted on the basis that your relation who ought to take care of you was killed by bandits or kidnapped by unknown gunmen, this makes lives indeed nasty, short and Brutish. You need to secure your life and environment to achieve your awesome destiny.
Inconclusion, security business is the business of all and sundry, without further ado we humbly solicit all to make our environment a safety place to live on. Security men should be fully activated and armed for this purpose and the government should always listen to the heartbeat of the electorates.
This Article is written by Omoha Otuosorochi Junior, a final year law student in Ebonyi state University, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.
An associate @ St. Sen solicitors of No 8 old Enugu Road Kpirikpiri Abakaliki Ebonyi State.
For your Contributions, Questions and Objective Criticism, Whatsapp: 08135414889, Email: omohaotuosorochi1@gmail.com

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