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2Face Idibia’s baby mama Pero speaks on her involvement in his rumoured marriage crisis

Pero says she once advised Annie to work on her marriage with the music star.

Pero Adeniyi, one of 2Face Idibia’s baby mamas and the alleged third party in his marriage has for the first time given her side of the story.
The United States of America mother of three in an exclusive chat with Stella Dimoko Korkus’ Blog, SDK, said the last time she saw the music star was about four months ago.
“I had not even spoken to him for about four months before I was woken up with calls to go and see I am trending online because Annie mentioned that he had run off to stay with me in America,” she said.
“We don’t really talk and we are not friends. It is because of this same reason that I have stayed away from him.”
She also went on to clear the air about a viral video where two ladies referred to her as the music star’s first wife.
“Those two Ladies in the video, one of them is Tuface’s cousin and they know the truth…they wonder why I have been on my lane and I keep getting dragged into Annie’s marital drama,” she said.
“They are the only ones who can explain why they said what they said in the video. I am at peace with everyone. I have three kids for their brother so visiting me when i am in the Country should not be an issue or make headlines.”
I cannot answer why they made the video and posted it. I was upset at first but then I had to let go, I am a happy person and have no time to waste on anger of any kind.”
When asked why Annie mentioned her name in the now-famous leaked audio recording, Pero expressed shock at the movie star’s decision.
“Why am I her easy target to gain sympathy online? why try to make me responsible if your marriage is failing? I dare her to bring out any evidence of me and Tuface together as a couple? There is even no relationship at all.”
_Ismail Olaminiyi reports_
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