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SOCIAL GIST: IF Beans can make you taller!, You Need to Know by Hassan Aishah Eniola

Growing up in certain society in Nigeria, you must have heard adults or parents instructing the younger ones to eat a lot of beans as it make them grow taller. 

It is shocking that up till this moment, there are still grown ups who still believe in this myth. A lot of people out there including myself have been eating beans for decades, without seeing any form of increase in height. 
It is true that having enough nutrient in your food is important for healthy growth and development. There are certain foods that can help in maintaining your height by keeping your bones, muscles and joints strong.
According to a research, Beans are a good source of protein and also high in Iron and B vitamins which can help fight against anemia. Protein also help in repairing the tissues in the body and help our immune system in functioning well.
It is convenient to rebut this saying which is not true. Height is based on genetics. Therefore, beans can not make someone tall. it only helps with nutrient that aid healthy growth and also help you maintain your height when you’ve reached your maximum height.
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