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Country with Countless Blessings, What is wrong? _ Abdulkareem Habeeb

It is indisputable fact that death comes when it is a time. Here in Nigeria today people are dying before their written and prescribed time. 
Can death should be blame? Then, why is it that we must recorded countless of died people everyday? 
Nigeria is not just a country, greater not a great but greatest nation. Why all these falling in my dear county ? 
Look am not interested in telling you a story how Fani Kayode decamped to Apc . I’m only concern with matters falling in my dear county. My country with countless bless and full of resources both natural and human resources. 
With all our blesses and Glories in this nation it is so pathetic that there were some Angeles of death dealing with their atrocities not even daily but seconds and hours activities. 
My nation was named as the most religious nation in the Africa . The giant of Africa encompasses people who religiously and believers in their fate but why all these falling in our dear Nation? Should I say that our prayers are not granted by God? 
Now, the giant of nation has turn to abide of Boko Haram,bandits, kidnapping, hersmen. I’m just tried of reading news paper ask me why ? should I ask you this from the closet year since 2018 have you ever Wake up in a day if you did not hear issue of bandits kills you will see the numbers of kidnap people . Who are Unknown gunmen in this great country of mine, 
Must you you be an ambassador of death? Unknown gun men, bandits, kidnapping Boko Haram, hersmen and others. 
Religiously speaking, non of our religion allows killing of innocence people . Killing is not what can just be done be a person or group of people . Holy Book says if they’re not waged a war again don’t fight them . And I’m lukewarmly believe that non of our believes consented to all these atrocities. 
Furtherance to my inefficacious believe, no ethic support all these atrocious activities then, why are you ambassador of death?. How many of the children of those who are sending you among you?. You just an errand of death, atrocities and useless to my dear Nation . 
This life life is so enjoyable if you are contented with what you are given and not look at those upon you . 
Look! who is the next victim ? No one can answers and pray for it but those that are kidnapped, killed are equally among us some hours, days back. 
In corollary, I’m not saying people should not die surely and certainly every soul will taste death but not praying to come from these gangs of killers. 
God bless my Nation 
God bless Nigeria

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