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5G, FIFTH GENERATION TECHNOLOGY, what you need to know by Ismail Olaminiyi


What is a fifth generation technology? 

A fifth generation technology can be said to be one of the generations of technology for mobile cellular networks which helps to enhance a fast and superb browsing rate.
A fifth generation(5G) technology has been designed to increase the connectivity rates among cellular networks and this became achievable and came into full existence as at the year 2019 when cellular network companies around the world began to adopt the fifth generation technology as the new technology for the cellular networks available.
Fifth generation technology as the name goes is the continuation and advancement of the previous generational technologies(1G,2G,3G and 4G) and as we all know that each generation has been invented with its own improved technology,5G technology isn’t an exception either, it has been invented with newly improved features to help fasten the connectivity rate and to help make the world an easily accessed one.
The Fifth generation technology has been equipped with various tools that has been invented to connect everyone around the world together including machines and other technological devices with the fastest cellular speed available than before.Some of the advanced and improved features of the Fifth generation technology include:
• Increased bandwidth than ever before: one of the key features of Fifth generation technology is the increased bandwidth,i.e this generation has been enhanced with increased bandwidth thereby making it possible for a larger amount of data to be transmitted without any internet traffic whatsoever.
• Low latency: The Fifth generation technology has been invented with low latency,i.e it has been optimized to process a large volume of data downloads within minimal period of time.
According to research conducted by Qualcomm,the Fifth generation technology is expected to be 10-20 faster in real-world than the previous generations,thereby hoping to achieve a browsing and downloading speed of up to 1000mbps(1gb per second).
According to research gathered by Wikipedia,The Fifth generation technology was first adopted on a large scale in South Korea,in April 2019.The recent report from VIAVI shows that 5G technology is currently made available in 1662 cities worldwide and 65 countries to be precise.
The Fifth generation technology has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages compared to the previous generational technologies…the advantages of the Fifth generation technology include:
• It is faster and efficient than the previous generational cellular networks in terms of transmission 
• Increased bandwidth for easy accessibility of networks 
• The Fifth generation technology helps to bring about new technology options.
   The disadvantages of Fifth generation technology include:
• There is less area coverage as a result of the increased bandwidth.
• The cost of developing the 5G technology tends to be very expensive thereby making it almost unaffordable.
• The invention of the Fifth generation technology has not taken place in some countries due to the incompetent and unavailable technological support thereby making the 5G technology available to only the few developed countries.
The Fifth generation technology after numerous research and reports,I must say has helped moved the world connectivity more rapidly in the areas where it is widely adopted because information datas becomes easily accessible for almost everyone as a result of its improved technological features.

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