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21st Century Youth, What do you do when you cannot fathom your own future? by Hafeezoh Adesina Adenike

What do you do when your existence is ghothetic?

How do you feel when what ought to be cherished become a thing of mud?
You begin to feel that the world is coming to an end as the changes at hand has no bearing but keep attaching to whatever deserves attachment.
Succinctly, we would observe that no one wants to be addressed as ‘old-fashioned’! We all want to addressed as a civilized man or woman respectively. Little do we know that we’re digging our own grave by so doing.
Apparently, we are virtually educated right? But do you know that we also have educated illiterate?! Sounds ridiculous!!! I regard those that turn blind eyes and become dumb at the call of culture or moralites precisely as ‘educated illiterates’. You’d wonder why?
Do you know it’s better to be ignorant if something than to have full knowledge of it and still act adamant? Now you know!
Subsequently, I see no reason why we’d neglect what we have for what we don’t have and become a pauper at the sight of its adherents. We are supposed to be cultured people not the other way round. Why not let’s find goodness in what we adhere and administer it well?
Do you know we are causing irreparable damage to ourselves by being a slave in another man’s land instead of being a owner in our own land?
It’s high time we snapped out of our fallacy and wake up to reality!
What we have and see is what I call reality dears! Not what you see from afar and dreamed of(that you aren’t even sure if it’d come to pass).
We shouldn’t forget that we are the architect of our lives and no one could arch it better than we do! Let that sinks into your heart! It’s alarming when I see whites trying hard to learn our culture and language while we that has these unique features don’t even cherish it.
So my lovely readers, let’s make hay while the sun shines. let’s pass time judiciously before time pass us by! I know you can’t wait to eat the full goodness of this awesome article.
Be on guard!!!
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