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The reSULTANt Quirk: Writers are Righters by Atrocious Writer & Sultan Babatunde, LAWAL

11th August, 2021

Writers are the embodiment of worlds
Institution of words
Visionaries and the devil’s advocates
Wherever you place your attention
They seek to capture it.
Writers seek to correct the ills in the universe
Live a million lives
Entertain ignorance to amplify wisdom
Make plans for how they will continue living after death.
They have no choice
No choice but to bluntly face reality
With no hiding place or cover
They find solace in painting it as fiction
Shinning their touch on the eyes that the heart posses.
The first writer tell lies to explain the truth
The second will claim to understand what is not true
The third may disappoint you
Trust your guts, do not be fooled.
Writers will prioritize the grey areas
The aim is to enhance better performance
Bringing lessons of war to preach peace
They do it odd and often,
Give up the ghost is what they would not do.
God bless our WRITERS, they are indeed RIGHTERS.
✍🏾 Atrocious Writer &
Sultan Babatunde, LAWAL
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