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Afghanistan: The truth and fact, Episode 2, After the fall of the communist party by Toyeebee Mohammed

What happened after the fall of the communist party of the Soviet union in 1989. Immediately after the fall of the Soviet union; The mujahideen (which comprises of the Taliban, Islamist and other local tribal militias) were supported with military weapons,funds and what ever propaganda available against the Soviet invaders by the US,it’s allies,Saudi Arabia and others.
After the defeat of the communist Soviet union, which backed the regime of Muhammad Najibullah this lead to the formation of the Islamic jihad council, supported by the western powers to oversee the transition of power in 1992 headed by the co-founder of the National Salvation Front.
In June 22nd 1992, Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani became the Afghanistan president;a Prof at Kabul university before becoming the president. He was loved many.
His era was seen as an emergency of a new dawn. Notably to say is that he has a stronger tie with the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. 
However, some hated him as a result of his orientation.
Omar Mullah lead a jihadist now known as the Taliban and was strongly supported by KSA, UAE and Pakistan. They eventually took power from the islamist.
The westerners was quiet about this development because they preferred the Taliban which are a salafi jihadist group to the conservative government of the islamist led by the Prof.
They say the fear of the islamist is the beginning of liberation for the Afghan people and the ummah at large.
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