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June12: Wear Your Thinking Cap

Freedom of expression everyday. The freedom of association that we can ride to power to make the change you truly desire nko?

Before taking a side on any national issue. Examine different conspiracy theories sometimes.
Lot of people sincerely joined different protest over the years as patriotic citizens in different part of Africa. But have you for once read about refugee & asylum laws? One of the law states, even when a person illegally enters a country without/invalid documents if they can prove that their safety is not guaranteed in their own country for religious reasons, perception about government and co. The country they enter or seek to enter should not deny them entry.
Does it really speak well to be fooled to participate in a protest where the organizers have an ulterior motive. Using the crowd to seek their own safe heaven elsewhere or to generate funds for the struggle (which will be embezzled by few).
Don’t be surprise if labour leaders parley with politicians at secret places at night while they lead the ordinary workers on mass protest in the morning.
According to Achebe Ojukwu’s decision to flee to Ivory Coast was a good one because it atleast prevented Gowon from getting the war bounty he most desire which is “Ojukwu’s head”. This to me is a pinpointer that the civil war was more of an egoistic war between 2 young soldiers but lot of people have to sacrifice their lives.
I see lot of comment lately of young people saying they are ready to die for the struggle. So many people also died for the struggle in 1967-1970. Some died for the struggle during British invasion in Benin City and Lagos now. Will your death stop any side from surrendering. Think wisely my people.
Before you start a struggle with those that can wake up in another country tomorrow, think twice please. Ojukwu came back eventually and even contested for Presidency. We were told the disposed Lagos King of 1861 also came back to be settled. What about those that have died?
✍🏾 Sultan Babatunde LAWAL

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