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DEATH’S MISSION by Amdalat Iyabo Sulaiman

Homage to death.

Death! Host of household,
That deal with humanity,
We feel the calamity.
The entire humanity must be visited,
No matter how special you’re created.
Death is our body’s guest,
That comes and never rest.
Whenever the years are passing
The aim of death is rising 
The end of humanity is coming 
Shall we not be preparing 
For the time death is coming.
Death is on a powerful mission,
That has no definition.
Death moves slowly,
But we think he is lowly.
When death takes the one we love 
We pray to be strong 
But it won’t be long.
Do not blame death,
For whatever he cause
We may feel the loss
That is the mission of death.
Amdalat Iyabo Sulaiman 
Adebimpe ✍🏻

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