Home commentary Palestine: Fear will not deter us from being a martyr

Palestine: Fear will not deter us from being a martyr

Then, “Allahu akbar” was seized, 

as the cry of the massacred believers wheezed, 
in a sacred home, where racism is slaughtered. 
Believers dwell in rain of praises and exaltations, 
by this evetide, our brothers blood flooded the floor, 
previously flooded with “sujood”
more foreheads embrace it, at the nightfall 
As our taraweeh was “tar and weel” by the Israelites 

Like figure one, we stood before our creator, 
to witness a night better than thousand moon
and seek eternal peace 
Nay!, the armed Isrealite fingers triggered, 
to pierce our heart and leave us in pieces 
Still, like the mountain we remain strong
for our hearts bleed not hemoglobin, save imaan. 
our courage had long swallow the fear of death
knowing that life comfort lies in the “sujood”
and when the grim reaper finally descend 
through your deadly weapon, 
solace await the sanctified souls in the paradise 
then we’ll be counted among the martyrs (Shua’dah) 
Optimist Albayyanee 
D Utopia writer 🖊
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