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Today on our Healthpository series:Indigestion

Today on our Healthpository series:

Yusuf. Babatunde
Health Advocate

Indigestion is a common sign of digestive tract problem that affects almost everyone.

Indigestion can generally be defined as a discomfort in your upper abdomen. i.e a pain between the bottom of your chest and the navel.

Indigestion is a sign of underlying health conditions. Often times, indigestion and heartburn occur at the same time.

*Heartburn is the sensational burning that occurs deep inside the chest which is different from indigestion and also a sign of different health conditions.*

Indigestion can occur due to lifestyle, using of some medications, and disease.
Although, most cases of indigestion is nothing to worry about unless due to some severe cases.


These symptoms of indigestion may be felt occasionally or frequently. Some of this include:

*Quick stomach fullness during a meal.*

*Discomfort in the stomach*

*Abdominal pain*





Causes of Indigestion

There are lots of causes of indigestion some of which can be due to lifestyle, diseases and medications.

Some common causes of indigestion are:

Eating too much of food at once (overeating).

Alcohol intake.

Taking too much of chocolate, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

Eating heavy food late at night.



Through Medications like pain relievers, antibiotics amongst other drugs

Certain diseases such as Stomach inflammation, peptic ulcer, constipation etc.

Treatment of Indigestion

Premised on the assertion that indigestion is a symptom and not a disease, treatment usually depends upon the underlying conditions causing the indigestion.

The suitable way to treat/prevent indigestion is to avoid the things that can cause indigestion.

Monitoring your food intake and lifestyle activities can also help to reduce the occurrence of indigestion.

Consult with your health care provider or a Dietitian for the type of food supplements needed for your body.

It is advisable to seek for medical attention if discomfort continues for more than two weeks.

Conclusively, it should be remembered that self medication is highly not advisable and taking of over the counter drugs is also not advisable.

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