Home Expositions Potency of a Chief Judge by Afeez Ayinde Saheed

Potency of a Chief Judge by Afeez Ayinde Saheed

Potency of a Chief Judge by Afeez Ayinde Saheed

Determining the position of a Judge in any court is to consider the magnitude of the task being handled.

The position of a Chief Judge in another words, Chief of the Judges of a High court in any state, they played the administrative and judicial role of the court.

Conventionally, Chief Judges are commonly known to be at the High Court of a state capital. This practices among every others reason is to ensure ease accessibility of the Chief Judge be it for Judicial and Adminstrative purpose.

The judicial and adminstrative function of a chief judge has however been the crux of discussion of whether their functions are also stretched to other divisions of High court in a state? And if a Chief Judge can dispense justice in another Division?

The court as per SIDI DAUDA BAGE, JSC; had warmly dish out the potency of a Chief judge as seen below

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