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Crimes and Justice Series: launching

Press Release
27th October, 2020
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In the past few months, we have been able to serve you with judicial authorities on contemporary issues that largely dwell on Human rights activism, court rules and practices. Also, legal ethics and legal Espositions as well as ensuring proper enlightenment in different areas of law.

In the same line, the society had witnessed strange experiences which obviously have affected the normal results we do have in the past years. Hence, the society has been galvanized into new era that demands adjustment in our awareness. These experiences range from Global pandemic Covid-19, to the Kick against Incessant Rape Cases, to the national protest of #endsars amongst others.

Largely, those experiences had led to new discoveries and particularly, the liberation from hollowness to the real outside world in experiences. The legality aspect of these new experiences however demands proper learning of the Laws of the land. Simply put, the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that would enhance being aware of Fundamental rights; when to demand it and when not to sleep on those rights.

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Most times, as youths we are neither aware of our rights nor do we understand some offences we intentionally or unintentionally commit in Civil dealings and those that could sprang Criminal offences i.e spreading of fake news, inadequate knowledge about the Terms of Contract/Business, Harming your fellow neighbours without much care about their legal consequences.

On this note, We at Deemlawful launch a series of writings tagged “Crimes and Justice series” to be run together with our regular judicial writings.

The “Crimes and Justice Series” is premised on legal framework and would be centered on identifying the Series of Offences we have in Nigeria; explaining them with reference(s) to their applicable laws respectively. It would be available atleast once in a week and four times in a month. We believe this would serve the purpose of exposing the minds of you our readers while creating viable nexus with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Afeez A. Saheed
Deemlawful is a pupil of law, University of Law, Blogger | Analyst | Legal | Public Speaker | Professional | Activist |

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