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What Ifs by Olayinka


What if Hoes refuse to dig the land ? What if Cutlass seized to cultivate the land ?, What if the land dies ? What if the rains holds its water ? What if the sun refuse to brighten up ? What if the moon hides its face underneath the sky ? What if the stars run away from blinking ? What if the water beneath the land dry up ? Hmm, What if the ocean dry up ? What if our fruits grow not ? What if our grown Farm Land dies ? What if farmers were swapped away from Earth ?

What if famine occur on Earth ? What if diseases descend on our society ? What if there is no true prophet of God to pray ? Shola wait, What if a day turns to a week ? What if 20 plate of food can’t feed a stomach ? What if hungry kills in a minute ? What if thirsty slaughter in a second ? What if our lungs dry up ? What if we all became blinds ? What if we were all mute ? What if our tongue was chained down ? What if we all turn cripple ? What if we can’t run away from this calamity ? Would the God we have offended for years heal us ?

What if we all die of suffering ? What if God resurrect us ? What if our Land live back ? What if water shower it’s blessing on us ? What if Sun shines it’s blessed teeth ? What if trees grow out multiple fruits ? What if the Moon flash out it’s light? What if we see the twinkle of the stars ? What if we live happily without stress ? Shola, But what if we still turn ungrateful to God !? What if we think HE will forgive us again? Oh !, What if God decided to repeat our suffering ? What if we die again ? What if we were not resurrected ? What if we see the gate of Hell ? What if the judgement for ungratefulness is Hell fire ? Ahhn !!! Shola What if we were all order to …. What if.


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