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Watch Your Diet

by;©Gbemisola Ibrahim

This pandemic has been a lot of things. There are so many things happening that requires a lot of changes to bring positive results. Some are long terms while others require short term changes. The way you keep adding flesh to your waist and tummy due to this stay at home issue is part of the problem my dear but a more personal one.
Take a look at yourself, just a peek are you proud of yourself? Your tailor can’t use your previous measurements. HeShe even told you to add an inch to everything but you told her “No, I will tell my friend to measure me just to be sure. Aunty Silifa ,you know well I don’t like my clothes to be too loose or tight” Deep down, you know that’s not the issue. Its glaring how chubby you have become, your friends will not hesitate to check out your fine fat cheeks after the lockdown.

Good news! Watching your weight and diet is a short term change(In the name of Corona) but you could make it a lifestyle. You just have to be intentional about it. Are you ready to go on this short term journey with me? Yeah, you are reluctant(gives you the evil eye) but it’s for your own good and you will definetly feel happy with the results.
You can check my article on exercise; http://deemlawful.com/2020/05/22/you-are-all-you-need-to-stay-healthy/

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Exercise is one of the most effective ways to watch your weight. But before you start this, take a moment to tell yourself you are ready and capable. Next, you get a scale to measure your weight this is to know if by the end of the day, there are changes. This cannot be determined two days after exercising (lazy ass). Depending on what exactly you want to achieve and the kind of exercise you want to do. You might need a tape rule to take your measurements (winks). Really, you gotta check the link above!

As I mentioned earlier, you have to be intentional about this:
-The type of food and the amount you consume is a factor: Minimize the amount of junk you eat everyday. It ought to be a once in a while food not an everyday thing. You should try more veggies, fruits and plenty water. PS: you really should stop eating that cake and heyss,that chinchin too!

All these goes down to your eating habits;
-Do not eat in a rush, savour the taste of your food.
-Don’t eat when you are not hungry
-Avoid skipping meals
– Eat at the right time (avoid eating late)
– Drink plenty of water
– You realize you can eat without pressing your phone or watching the TV(This bad habit as increased with the lockdown) it won’t kill you o
-About the veggies and fruits ,don’t pressurize yourself. Work at your own pace, choose your favourites and yes,

you can try new stuffs too. Be Happy! Be intentional! Eat healthy ! Stay safe !

written by ©Ibrahim Gbemisola

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