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The Encounter 
Written by ©poet vitu 

The middle of unexpected, it was the begin of a new day
Like two ships destined for each other, that`s how we met
A queen from an unknown kingdom with her sparkling eyes.
Greeting her by hand I felt those soft, exquisite fingers
Her voice like the siren of mermaids
On the first day it was like we`ve known each other for centuries
I said to myself “ no doubt she’s really the one”
She`s a strong lady probably heavenly sent
I never met a straight thinker like her
A person with standards, a good example to these young girls
To be her lover, bestie friend and confidant that’s my duty
In times of security and emotional support am gonna be there for her
I never knew that love can be so true , Until I encountered her 

©Life Changing Network

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