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THE BERSERK series 1

The Berserk
By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus)

Series 1

Surely, holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone, you’re the one get burnt.
This life is far right considered a cycle, which of its phenomenon is pedal-powered. Much of a reason why it’ll be a taboo for those living in glass house to throw pebbles.
Hmm… Okay, be elicited.
Let me signal you this, there’s no cold day in hell.

Wondered what can make a woman, with five children of which three are daughters and two sons, come on hard on a fellow labour woman like her.
Only God can keep a soul. Their husband had travelled on a business trip, at 10:00 pm, the second wife was inside her room, ready to put to bed, but devil is making use of his workshop then. Who was around, who will help her? Oh yes, the first wife, you thought? That’s what should happen, she was the only one at home.
Well, she came out to help her, as she opened the door, she saw her mumbling on the floor helplessly told her to take it easy then locked the door from outside and kept the keys with her till the next morning.
Many a lot of people are actually hazard to this worldly life. I’d say we’re having the wrong aim to witchcraft, we had a warped perspective to sorcery as a concept in itself, it should be redefined.
But payback is one thing that always comes in manifold. What can be more wicked than locking a labour woman in her room instead of helping her to give birth…???
The first woman slept in her room and woke up the following day, she remembered she had locked the second wife in her room, she went for the keys, opened the door and met her dead body, she didn’t give birth but died with her pregnancy. That tears, you know… Crocodile tears, you’d think it’s sympathy, pathos?
The first wife burst into tears and screamed as if she wasn’t aware of the fact that her co-wife had been in pain for hours, of which her death was caused by her.
The whole family mourned, buried the woman and all sobs. Months later, the first wife’s daughter (first child) died during her labour, so also the second child. An axe to grind? This is surely not, it’s payback and payday, the third child fought her life but couldn’t make it through during her labour also. What a bad apple??

What’s done is done, the damages and repercussions. A day enjoyment is now an everlasting sorrow. The husband is lost his peace, running from pillar to post in quench of a solution to the barricade, yet the first wife is still questioning her conscience if she should confess or not.

This world is not wicked because if the bad people in it but because if the righteous men who couldn’t make the right.

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