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Tell her of her crime.
Tell her of what brings on her a bleeding treatment.
Paint to her the crime of being born a girl child,
Tell her the crime in being one’s own adornment.

Oh! Bail her out of
Her crime for being glorious,
So shall she be sentenced –
A little enjoyment for a lifetime stigma.
Make of her head, body and soul a burning tar.
Of what gain, certified to what achievement?

No! It isn’t mere. It is four letters.
It is an assault, a violation, a ravishment!
Her tears you do not count upon her loss.
Now she’s much alive
She breathes like everyone,
But, with a death sentence that cannot be amplified.
Yet! All blames on her.

It is you, the perpetrator,
The devil in human skin,
Puking your venom into her.
Far from deaf and blind you were. And
Wicked, yes, a killer you’re named.
Her yelling, shouting, has no effect on you
Until you succeed in abducting her pride.

Her hands are tied.
Mother’s hopes do not fade, they dash away
For the salt rubs on her injury,
It beats her!

Her child, her daughter
Laboured and nurtured on her life’s account.
How deserving is this to her?
To have gone through fire and water
That all result a flash in a pan.

Unpunished you’ll suppose you shall go?
Despite all, you stroll around holding arrogance,
You try to sugar the pill.
No! Be aware God is not dead.
Justice knows the way to prevalence.
Believe your fear, you’ll be down.

Shun rape and live right!
An injustice to one is an injustice to all.


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