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by; ibn jum’ah

She lived in an era of tyranny,
A penultimate of scourge and violence.
She felt hot tears streamed down her battered face,
A torrent of overwhelming deluge,
Her pride had been callously stolen.

She stole a peek at the mirror,
Through its reflection to herself,
She shuddered feverishly out of terror,
Misconstruing her vibrant and rigorous self,
A terrace of trauma and shock ensued.

A cacophony of notifications kept me up,
My phone illuminates the purgatory of darkness,
I stared at the heart wrenching news,
full of disdain and sympathy.

Uwa Was raped and murdered,
Where has the pristine sense of humanity gone????
Jennifer Was cornered and brutally raped,
Where has the holy vestment of unity gone???
The components of silence has been saturated.

Say NO to rape

Penned : ©Muhammad bn jum’ah (ibn jum’ah)

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