Nigerian Democracy

by; Ajayi Toyyib Olabamiji

Ola Positivisim

Remembering what my government teacher taught me on the emergence of government that, in
the early stage of man, the weak are been oppressed by the strong and the poor are been
oppressed by the rich.

The need to have some people to fight for the right and interest of the
oppressed served as a catalyst for having government. Meanwhile as at that time,there was the
need for a body of people to make rules and regulations that will ensure orderliness in the
society (legislature). Some people to make justice to what has happened between the likes of
the rich and the poor, the strong and the week etc(judiciary).

Their activities was going smoothly
when those people too think of getting something in return of the service they are rendering, for
the purpose of achieving other societal goal. The need for another body to collect tax and use
them for necessary things in the community.

Arriving from the above, I think the three arms of government as we have it now is completed. This also made me remember “indirect democracy”; where people can actually choose their representatives to make decisions on their behalf.

Mrs Olabode Olabode in one
of her lectures also made a point that, then when man formed government themselves (apart from the monarch that has been existing) there were also periodic election to differentiate their new form of government from monarch.

Very good, I think this narration is not different from what we call government in our country
today. Yes,we also say we are practicing democracy, are we actually practicing it? We say we
have one? I know we have our answers right there in our minds. Though this might be somehow confusing.

Nigeria coat of arm symbol

For the purpose of this piece of thought, I can say we are having democracy in Nigeria theoretically (i.e as it is written) not practically. In the sense that as a form of government,
democracy means government of the people, “Ijoba awa ara wa” in Yoruba language. This means that government is for us and by us, so why inflicting sufferings on the middle man
citizen? Nigeria is becoming so hot and unbearable for lives of many citizens. Our citizens are
leaving the country for greener pastures and then they already made up their minds that they are
going for good. Others are willing to migrate even if it cost them a fortune,why? We
really can’t blame them, they had to.

Democracy or what? In this green, white, green nation, citizens are treated like slaves, as if we
are still in colonial era. People in government entertains their interest and do little things to the
country for the people.

A country with bad roads, unstable power supply, low quality education and so on. In fact, our
country is a country with no lucid sign of development for about sixty years of Independence.
Government cannot proudly award a contract to graduates in Nigeria to fix roads,unless they
give the contract to a white man. Politicians (with the money embezzled) erect houses, hotels
and companies abroad. why not in our country here? So that our father land can look good too.

Recently, we heard part of the money embezzled by Abacha was returned but we didn’t see any crucial thing the government expended the money on. It is also of recent, they told us that the accountant general’s office got burnt, is it a kitchen? Are they cooking there? Why can’t
they just be an accountable government.

Popular participation that should signal for a well practiced democracy is absent in our political
life. Most people already believe that their votes doesn’t count during elections,that what is the
essence of risking their lives voting in an unsecured pollen boot? Nigerian democracy,where
free and fair election is not guaranteed.

MKO Abiola

A democracy where public opinion is not respected,the freedom of press is indirectly limited. Eighty percent of Nigeria can’t have a say in government.
That is, the majority that should take large percent has it case reversed in our dear country.
This is not the democracy we say we are practicing in this country,why can’t they make decisions on our behalf and in our interest? Well, I believe that what seems to be darkness to man is light to God. And it is when the people of a particular country is doing well that we can
say there is development.

Citizens of developed countries of the world made their country what
it is. So we can also rethink and rebuild this country. It is our dear nation, and democracy is even
a better option for heterogeneous country like ours. Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba should participate
in government,not one tribe dominating the government. Let us all equally represent the interest
of the populace not that of ourselves,our tribe our religion or our political party

written by ©Ajayi Toyyib Olabamiji

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  1. Is this really a democracy???
    All we hear and believe is a mere piracy
    That we operate the system of democracy
    It is said to be the best legitimacy
    System of govt to our constituency
    Which is why there is advocacy.

    Unfortunately, it turned out to be a fallacy
    Where democracy turned to autocracy
    The wealthy rule and it became aristocracy
    They owns all power, dictatorship, supremacy
    And the power of economy with efficiency
    Which can easily be traced to plutocracy.

    And when we give a close look at democracy
    Its the best form of govt with all tendency
    Which a Nation can have to provide mercy
    To its citizen with proper adequacy
    But everything becomes unreal and fallacy.
    Rule of law, defined by prof A. V. Dicey

    As become inactive and a very weak policy
    No equality, as our legislatives encounter impertinency
    The Judiciary are biased as there are no transparency.
    The Executive, with a manner of illiteracy
    We see them and shout your excellency
    despite their incapability and incompetency

    Armed forces that should be security agency
    They rather add unrest to our inconveniency
    And engage in bribery and play truancy.
    Never have we been caught in act of insurgency
    And we get arrested with no definite conspiracy
    And as citizen we knew what is legitimacy

    And the biggest part of these intermittency
    Is the spontaneous complacency
    Of Juvenile, as they fought against illiteracy
    In spite of poverty and insufficiency
    But they have been denied by different consultancy
    They are being rejected and told, NO VACANCY

    Govt, whats the importance of your superintendency
    I ask, why should we call our system democracy?
    We are being denied our citizenship expectancy
    Things will be better if we operate theocracy
    I rather call this system of ours, Aristocracy
    Gerontocracy, Plutocracy, Autocracy and never DEMOCRACY.

    ©Optimist Albayyanee
    D Utopia writer 🖋


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