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Written by poet vitu

I was born a lover and a fighter
I fight for the ones I love
My heart is always on fire cause
I was born real in a world full of fake people
My belief in true love is my prison
Cause people stopped believing that it exist
People call me fake and a pretender
Cause am a different version of a human
Guess being too nice and real is a bad luck
I was born a different person
I wish I was like the rest
I wish to date for fun without being committed, but that can
only break my soul and destroy my destiny
I believe in one partnerand commitment,
In today`s world my reality is just an illusion
Bad and worse experience made me who I am
My biggest weakness is that I don’t give up easily
I let things to get to my head more than I should
My biggest weakness is being myself
Cause the world is for pretenders and fake people.

©Life Changing Network

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