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Arrow Of Fate
Episode 17

By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus)

As Abdulhakeem entered the house, there’s not such thing as greetings not to talk of the warmly ones, I just received him as it was.
Just like a dog who just give birth protect her puppies with fight and extreme care, Abdulhakeem demanded Matin instead of greetings, Mutiyat on the other side snub me and lashed me with her eyes.

You this filth witch, I already know you’re a sorceress but you’ve failed and your plans has failed also, and it’s not a breaking news, you’re leaving this house this instant. You’ve overstayed and your time is due. But then, I still have chance to say sorry and show how much sorry I was, had I know my sorry will turn a bad influence and nightmare, I’d have settled this case with my legs immediately he demanded for Matin. Alas, before my third sorry could slip out of my tongue, oh heaven… Aminah bursted into tears, she sobbed for minutes before she could continue.
He has landed four strokes of slaps on me as he saw Matin’s hand. That very day, I was beaten to coma, even my ancestors will not recognize me, my mirror was showing someone else due to the beating, it’s all hell of a beating. Instead of Mutiyat to caution Abdulhakeem to stop beating me, she was busy crying for Matin, her cries and lamentations angered Abdulhakeem more, all his strength were used on me… I was freed, yes I was freed when I lose consciousness again.

I know there’s no one to run to, Abdulhakeem’s sister who caused and masterminded my marriage has shown her true side when she learnt of Mutiyat children.
Sleeping in that house suddenly became an abomination, Abdulhakeem with help of no one but his anger packed my belongings and flings them out of the house. Leave this house and never return, don’t forget any of your ill luck and charms, I don’t want this house to be hypnotized, he shouted.

I thought to myself, I had to leave his life, I must go.
Can you just imagine, he even sent me off nicely, he stopped a car for me and paid the driver a huge sum amount of money, take the wench to wherever she wanted to go, he retorted. Abdullah cuts in, so the driver dropped you where I met you, right? Yes, exactly, Aminah replied. And as you can see, that’s much of a reason why I was more comfortable under the tree, that’s where I seek refuge.

For some minutes, Abdullah was silent and couldn’t say a word, not because he didn’t know what to say to where to start. He made up his mind to speak but he chooses his words wisely and carefully so that he won’t hurt Aminah. First thing first, I am so much sorry for everything that has happened to you, I can see you’ve went through a lot at such a tender age. Now, he found and developed more courage to talk… Let me help you, Aminah, Abdullah said. I can get you a place to stay here in Abuja.

What’s he saying, stay here? That… Don’t even mention it, I’m not staying here at all.
When Abdullah realised she’s not ready to take his offer, he changed the story and make her feel more at ease. Now, they have to talk about Abdullah.
Don’t worry Aminah, Abdullah said after trying unsuccessfully to convince her to stay. You can go back to where you came from. But, will you please wait for me while I get something?
Okay, no problem, she said.
Some minutes later, Abdullah was back with bags in his hand, Aminah was so seriously surprised to see him with the bags… Where are you going, she asked surprisingly?
I get you some stuffs you’ll need for the travelling and also, take this money for your upkeep and transport fare.
Aminah bursted into tears. She didn’t understand why this strange man is helping her, out of nowhere. Abdullah moved closed to her to console her. She was so grateful for the kindness and care.

But then, another thought strikes… Hope it’s not another trap of tragedy for you, Aminah, be wise!!! She thought to herself.

But, he doesn’t say anything or demand for something… I had contributed a lot into the life of Abdulhakeem and I gained nothing in return. Abdullah gave her his phone number, wish her safe and gets out of the room.

Later at night, Aminah was still wondering… Is he really a human being or what?

Did Aminah go back to where she came from, did she marry Abdullah… Did her life changed for good or worse???

Wait for next episode…

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