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ARROW OF FATE episode 22

Arrow Of Fate
By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus)
Episode 22

From the previous episode…

Abdullah had informed Aminah of her coming with his invitation card.

Aminah was overjoyed and thanked God that Abdullah had finally found the bride. She informed her boss of his coming of which she had told her about. They were all eager to see who could have moved Aminah to such extent. Aminah personally went to airport to welcome Abdullah. As Abdullah emerged from the plane, he saw Aminah waving at him from afar, he was her and said to himself, Aminah my love, I had missed you than bearable.
Aminah could not hide her excitement to see Abdullah, she’s been longing for a means to repay his kindness. They both went to a restaurant and had their lunch, to which they landed in Aminah’s boss house, Mrs. Qeebat warmly received him based on the info Aminah had given about him.
Aminah had booked a hotel room for Abdullah to stay but he insisted to manage her apartment, she accepted, offered him a Chapman while she arranged his room. She has been expecting the card but Abdullah didn’t make a move at all, he’s just relaxed as if he’s just from work and was welcomed by his wife.

Ehn, Aminah started, ‘where’s the card, what do I have to do, how do I help please? Have you picked colour for yourself and wife especially, what of those invited? Aminah asked.
Calm down Miss, all these questions for me, had I know I’ll have exam here, I’d have read before I left home. They both laugh, you’re funny, Aminah said. To start with is the invitation card, Abdullah said. He brought out a small cube shaped box, well wrapped with pink ribbon 🎀. This doesn’t look like invitation card, did you buy a gift for me? Befuddled Aminah asked. She expected a well design envelope. Abdullah ignored her as if she was not talking to him. He moved closer to Aminah, knelt before her, opened the tiny box…
Mrs Qeebat who just wanted coming from work branch at Aminah apartment to say hi to Abdullah but as she opened the door, she saw Abdullah on his knee, she thought they both quarrelled, what’s goin? She asked. As she moved forward, she saw Abdullah holding the small box, she was also perplexed and kept mute instantly.

Abdullah continued, he took out a rose flower from his behind and said, Aminah, you’re the bride, please, will you marry me. The ring is my invitation card, I invited you into my life.
Shocked Aminah had moved closer to her boss, she held her cloth and squeezed it with fear, what drama is this, please mama, I can only see you now, what’s the title of this movie? Perplexed Aminah asked.

Mrs Qeebat was more shocked than Aminah, she became deafen. Abdullah that knew my story, he’s aware of my barrenness and ill-luck, is he making jest of me right now? I don’t think I can accept this, she thought. Abdullah deserves better, what if my barrenness continues, history will repeat itself. In his eyes, I can see true love, the love I had desired to see for a very long time.
Abdullah had been on his knee for five minutes, waiting for Aminah’s response, he was sweating profusely like a student whose JAMB result is loading and about to display. Aminah realised Abdullah was still on his knees, held his hand up and told him to sit down, they were both looking at each other without a word. Aminah was in tears, she couldn’t control herself, she looked away and said, I’m sorry Abdullah, I can’t marry you. A hot drop of tear that can cook beans drop from Abdullah’s face, he knelt down again with fear and half baked courage and said, Aminah, you’re denying yiuriyiur desire, here I am, the man you dream of. You’ve said yes in you, why can’t you say it out, what’s your fear, Abdullah held her feet tightly saying Aminah is his dream come true.

I’m a barren, you knew already, imagine we married for years and I couldn’t give you child, history will repeat itself. Get another woman, there are complete ladies outside who can bear children, Aminah said with tears.
Abdullah held her close, with this response, her response is yes, Abdullah thought. To get children is not by our power dear, God does that, if God wills, we’ll have our children. Please accept my proposal. This time, Aminah was looking into his eyes, you’ve been a great source of strength, Abdullah, I’ll marry you. My stagnant look has been stirred by you, if I’d choose husband lover and over again, it’ll be you. I love you 😍.
Abdullah couldn’t take it, he jumped up and had forgotten the ceiling fan, the fan struck his hand, still yet he laughed, Mrs Qeebat whispered has been watching the episodic drama all this while can’t control her laughter when she saw Abdullah behaving like a kid, he was dancing with drum, yet his hand is swelling up. Mrs Qeebat congratulated Aminah who was all smiling. Then she break the news, till Abdullah is gone, you’re on holiday.

Before he went to bed, Aminah applied balm to her hand and made jest of him of how he behaved during his proposal. They both laughed.

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Literatus… The act of making an ARTs.

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