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ARROW OF FATE episode 21

Arrow Of Fate
By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus)

Episode 21

Abdullah was restless all through the meeting, he couldn’t concentrate on the proceedings. Seems God answered my prayers, He didn’t turn out me to shame after all. I don’t think this is a dream, he watched her from afar… She has look more pretty than before, wow, this chance must not go, I won’t let go, he thought. I just pray she’s yet to marry again, no she hasn’t, she didn’t talk about that, besides, there’s no ring on her. I can remember in her text that she’s been divorced. Yes, I must go in with full force, she won’t escape this time. He was lost in thought until the walkie talkie sounded and made a report from a scene that’s going on outside the complex.

As he was going outside, another thought came to his mind, this lady had experienced marriage bitterness, will she accept my proposal? The thought of that weight him down. She has been in marriage for years without a child, well, I have to try my luck, I pray my charm works, he said.

The meeting was over and they both went for lunch, everything on Abdullah. I am so sorry, please Abdullah, Aminah said. They both sipped their drink, waiting for the other to break the silence, they’re both loping sideways, when Aminah have the chance to look at Abdullah, he’ll be looking at other place, same goes for Aminah. They’re both peeping at each other. Errm… Will you try pepper soup? Abdullah find chance to break silence. Yes, thank you. Aminah said. Abdullah wanted to know everything that has happened to her, how she got the job, but the peak of it, if she’s married or there’s someone.
Hun hun, Abdullah clears his throat, look into his drink and said, how did you get this job? Abdullah asked. Aminah who was so eager to start a conversation with him couldn’t resist, she wanted to speak but choked. Abdullah stood up in a rush to help her, but What could he do, he was looking at her with hundreds of sorry from her lips at a time.
Aminah adjusted her seat, she looked at Abdullah with a very hard to get smile. Let me say it’s God, said Aminah. If not God, how could I have gone this far? She narrated all her ordeal and what she has passed through.

As she was explaining and narrating what has happened in her life, Abdullah has lose interest in the conversation, he was seriously bothered with just a single question he wanted to ask. He was changing position to signal Aminah to break the news herself but Aminah didn’t. Just then when Aminah was narrating how she met Habeebat and Mrs. Qeebat, Abdullah broke silence and asked, have you remarried, do you have any man yet? Aminah was silent, she was looking at the shivering Abdullah, who was expecting her response to be No.

Married, no! Not at all. With what I passed through in Abdulhakeem’s house, it doesn’t give me the head up. Who will accept a barren woman in her life, I had accepted my fate. I was thinking of adopting an orphan girl who will keep my company, I’ll name her Maryam and her surname will be same as mine. Abdullah, what about you, how’s your wife? Aminah asked.

I’m still single, Aminah. I intend to do it this coming December, I had planned everything, even set aside some cash from my monthly salary for it but some things are delaying. They’re seriously giving headache.
Wow, congratulations. Who is the bride, where she she now? She’s so lucky, I must let her know how God had made her unique by having someone like you. How I wish I could meet her before I travel. But don’t worry, I’ll give you my number and address so that you’ll send the invitation card to me.
I’ll come to deliver my invitation card to you myself, don’t worry. You’ll be by my side on that day.
Don’t worry Abdullah, you have me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy, I’ve been longing for a way to pay you back what you’ve done for me, your wedding day will be a chance.
Aminah had been feeling sleepy, it’s late already, the day had been stressful and she hasn’t taken a break. It’s 8:30 pm already and she has to sleep. Time has gone, you need to sleep. I’ll come here tomorrow to see you off. The both parted ways.
In her room, Aminah was so happy, she created a mental picture of women the lady will be and how she’ll look like, she created it on how generous Abdullah is. She was thinking about that until she slept off.
On Mr. Abdullah’s side, Uncle couldn’t sleep, not even a dim of eyes. He went into deep thoughts, will she marry me? Everything has been put in place, but there’s no bride yet. What kind of life is this, why couldn’t I spent more time with her, perhaps I’d have chance to speak my mind. Abdullah, you’re a moron, he was speaking all to himself.
Still, Abdullah you have to think otherwise, someone who has married for years without a child, did you think she’ll just accept you like that? Oh God!!! How can I convince Aminah that she’s the woman I was talking about and how much I love her?
The next day, Aminah was ready to leave, she had bathed and at the lounge, she was looking around like a soldier on tower on scout for enemies. Suddenly from her behind, Abdullah talked her shoulder, looking for something, he asked. Oh Abdullah! I’ve been waiting for you, what keep you so long? Aminah asked. Sorry, been busy with schedules. They sat down and chatted for some minutes before Saturn goodbyes.
Hadrly, hardly will an hour pass without making call with each other, Abdulllah couldn’t resist but even downloaded SMS application to his phone which she took from and send to Aminah daily.

Three weeks had passed, they’re just having phone conversations. Abdullah has submitted his leave letter waiting for the approval, but then he was approved to have a week leave off work. That day, he rang Aminah that he was coming and might stay for days. He wanted to give her the wedding invitation card as promised.

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