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ARROW OF FATE episode 19

Arrow of Fate

By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus)

Episode 19

Abdulhakeem had proceeded with divorce letter which he sent to Aminah, she has been expecting the letter for long since he refused to call her, she took the letter to Mrs. Qeebat who advised her to get a lawyer but Aminah didn’t. She was not to resist the divorce no matter how much she felt she had invested in the marriage. Abdulhakeem divorced her without any form of settlement even though the court directed that part of the properties should be given to Aminah which Abdulhakeem rejected to follow the decision of the court. She never wish to have any of the properties, her future is what exists to her now.

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Aminah was now 28 years old and happy with her life, she now had a place of her own, her relationship with Afolabi’s family grew stronger when they learnt of her divorce, she’s was hardworking and never relent.
Mrs Qeebat was appointed minister of internal affairs and the appointment automatically created a vacancy for personal assistant, Mrs. Qeebat couldn’t think of anyone else other than Aminah, she was the first and only choice. Mrs. Qeebat sent for Aminah immediately the appointment was confirmed. Aminah walked straight into the living room. They both exchanged pleasantries and she said, you sent for me, ma.
Yes, I called you because of my new position as a minister. You’ll be my PA, said Mrs. Qeebat. Aminah jumped up in excitement, she ran to embrace her. She was overwhelmed by the news. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to be honoured in that way. Take this cheque cash out the money to change your wardrobe because of your new status. Work has started already. One of my drivers will be assigned to you, Mrs Qeebat said.
Thank you so much for this grand and rare opportunity, I am overexcited Aminah said.

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