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ARROW OF FATE episode 18

Arrow of Fate

Episode 18

By: Yusuf Abd’wasii (Literatus)

The following day, Abdullah had waited in the lobby for Aminah, he had settled her bills, got her bus ticket and was sure her luggage was strongly tightened and secured at the park. Aminah started her journey back to Ibadan, before her departure, they both chatted and laughed as if they had known each other for long before Aminah began her journey, they both waved at each other and bid farewell.

Abdullah resumed work, as he was about to sit down on his chair, he remembered he had forgotten to get Aminah’s number… Oops, how do I reach her to ask about her journey and other things now, ain’t I a fool? He muttered. Ever since they both met, there has been a goose bump on Abdullah, he had nothing to do but prayed for her safety, he wished her well and keenly expecting her call through the number he gave her.

There’s something I myself didn’t understand, don’t know why I’m feeling like this, I seems to be empty, what am I missing, what’s wrong? It’s not that I have fever but I’m not well, what’s going on? Abdullah soliloquied. Then he went back to Aminah’s thought, God please control her mind, let her call me, I’ll be God damnedest if she didn’t or refuse.

Aminah was sitting close to the window, she stared at the beautiful nature of alongside the road, she had forgotten what has happened to her and where she was coming from. And why should my misfortune be a dillema now, every creatures has its own challenge, everything happens for a reason. She cautioned herself as she remembered Abdullah’s word.
The lovely sight of the nature was undoubtedly disrupted by gunshots from the bushes, no one could tell where it was coming from as fear gripped everyone in the bus, the driver suddenly and immediately sighted the brake and pressed it heavily. The tyres screeches and stopped within four feet, no vehicles were coming as everything went silent again. As they stopped, before they alighted, some cars and buses has also stopped behind them. They had suspected armed robbery affront. Aminah was seriously terrified, the first thing that came to her mind was the money Abdullah gave her for her upkeep.
Well that’s so much not enough of a thought, where will I sleep if I get to where I was going late? she asked herself. They waited for three hours before a muscle Camry face them and passed them by, so also an Iveco truck, four other vehicles had passed before they could take off. The driver had to increase the speed so as to get to their destination before it’s dark.

Numbers of her co-passengers had people waiting for their arrival, but who’s waiting for Aminah? None. That alone rust her emotional backpack.
When she alighted, she carried her luggage down from the bus and went straight into the hall where passengers sat down to rest, it was meant for passengers who wanted to stay overnight also. Where she sat, she met a young lady of her age, named Habeebat. Habeebat was into cake baking, decoration of wedding halls and cooking for different occasions, Aminah was taken home by Habeebat just to spend the day and leave but as for Aminah, the story is not like that, she wanted a place to stay for a while and not a day.

After staying with her for two days with a brief of her journey to Habeebat, Aminah wanted a place to submit her CV so that she might get work but she was convinced by Habeebat. Why don’t you join me in my own business, Aminah? You’ll surely have your shares on every cake, each decoration and everything we make. Aminah who resent idleness couldn’t think of anything but take up the work. She was so happy that, at least she had somewhere to go rather than staying at home. Aminah became the shinning light, her presence changed lots of things in Habeebat business, she even handed over almost the entire business to Aminah. Contracts were coming in more than before, hardly did they spent a weekend freely, they went from one decoration to other, baked cake on a daily basis, Aminah was the supervisor. The job gave her the opportunity to meet with dignitaries from all over and made friends. In all her doings, she was conscious of the fact that she was still a married woman, after all, she was not formally divorced. One of the dignitaries she met was Mrs. Roqeebat Afolabi, wife of the local government chairman, a humble and wonderful woman, but being a politician’s wife, she was nicknamed Qeebat which was shortened from Roqeebat. Little did Aminah know that she was being observed by Mrs. Qeebat when her daughter was getting married, Aminah happens to bake the wedding cake and decorate the hall, since the occasion was an elaborate one, Habeebat knew the success of the party would largely depend on Aminah, she trusted her to represent them well and to do a perfect job.

She was essentially in constant touch with Mrs. Qeebat who in turn loved her so much for her dedication that she wanted to know more about her. There was something about her that kept attracting Mrs. Qeebat, she showed genuine concern for the success of the wedding and that brought Aminah closer to the family, there was no weekend they didn’t invite her her over. They got referrals to big clients who were also friends and associates of Mrs. Qeebat. In less than a year, Habeebat had achieved more than what she did in ten years.

One year after Aminah left Abdulhakeem’s house, she received a letter from him, Abdulhakeem had learnt about her when she attended a party where Aminah happens to be a decorator.

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