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Like the bright moon at night,
lighting our path with its brightness.
My face is full of light
shining, like the sparkle of a diamond.
In search of a chance of lifetime.
But how is my hope secured?
My burning question it had been.

Like the serenity around the ocean
(breeze blowing) with tides rising and falling
My soul is filled with aura
like the smell of Guardant perfume.

I am still a little boy
with no knowledge of the world.
Is the world filled with brightness as my face
or darkness of the unknown?

I was exposed to the world
realising in-depth how it works
full of light that shines on
darkness, bad energy aligned with
then I realised I have to make a choice
whether to retain the light on my face
or drench in darkness.
On the last resort,
To see how things unfold.

I was eventually submerged
in the darkness of the world
where the unlawful is made lawful
nefarious acts trends along
obscure obscenity is made flamboyant
I filled my face with obscenity
and my soul with immodest thoughts
in the pretext of enjoyment
not realising I was exchanging my brightness
with darkness like the shadow at night

Ostensibly, my brightness begans to fade
my soul started to be pungent
I pondered, am I losing it?

I vouched to save myself
from losing it completely
to the dark side of the world
I fight
but I kept on failing
I kept the hope in me
but I keep on failing
I am at my sixes and sevens
I am loosing myself
Who will save me?
Is the hope lost??

© AA

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