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My Heart Beats for you
Last Chapter

Yusuf Abdulwasii

Four years later.
“Shahveer, you better handle those kids of yours if you don’t want to sleep with them tonight!” I yelled from downstairs.
He immediately came running up. Wow, when I was yelling continously he pretended to be deaf. He came and picked up his two daughters while I placed the other three kids in their respective cribs.
For the past four years, life has changed in several ways. I became pregnant with quintuplets. Yes, you heard it right. Not one, two or three but five. The pregnancy wasn’t easy either being the first time too. It was hard to move around waddling like a penguin.
My appetite was more than normal. When I first told Shahveer he was over the moon. He was all giddy and excited, even after the kids were born. We were aware that we were having triplets. But not five. It was after birth that we got to know we had five children.
I was warned by the doctors that my chances of survival were very less. But I believed in Allah that he could make things better. What would happen would be for the best.
I had three sons and two daughters the eldest being Arsalan then Karim, Feroze, Faakiha and the last one Noor.
They turned three this year. They all look exactly the same but their features are a bit distinct. For example my two daughters have different hair colour. One being brown and the other golden brown. They had hazel eyes.
Whereas my sons had different eye colours. Arsalan had black eyes like mine, Karim had brown eyes whereas Feroze ended up with hazel. But the daughters ended up being the naughtiest pair you would ever see. And boys were angels.
Currently the boys were sleeping but the girls were not. They were making noises and throwing things. Yep, they definitely inherited Shahveer’s traits. Not mine.
“Baba!” They shrieked as Shahveer put away their toys. He shushed them by glaring at them. They both immediately went quiet. After all they were their father’s girls. I sighed and went downstairs to make a sandwich for myself.
The house feels so good with no noise. Some alone time finally. I turned on the tv and switched through the channels.
“Ouch!” I heard Shahveer voice who was now trying to gain my attention by faking to fall down the stairs. As if I would believe. The first time it did work. But when it started happening daily I started ignoring him. We hardly have anytime to ourselves because of the kids. That is making Shahveer even more fussy.
“Jaan, I need help!” I rolled my eyes and continued watching the tv.
I heard his footsteps making their way towards where I was sitting. See, I told you. You ain’t getting a better actor than him anywhere else in the whole wide world.
“This husband of yours demands your attention!” He said while snatching the remote and turned the tv off.
“Shahveeeer! Don’t do this, I hardly have any time to watch television since our kids were born. Please let me be in peace.” I whined like a kid trying to snatch the remote out of his hands.
“And what about me? Huh? You don’t even care about me! Fine, do whatever you want! I am not going to talk to you either!” He yelled in anger and went upstairs to our room. Argghh! He is seriously pissed right now!
I went upstairs and knocked on the door. He didn’t answer. I turned the knob and entered the room. There he was, sprawled in the middle of the bed occupying the whole bed. He was frowning. I walked towards him and sat down besides him on the bed.
“C’mon Shahveer!” His eyes snapped towards mine and gave me a cold glare. Ouch.
Sighing, I grabbed one of my husband’s shirt to get changed. After changing in the bathroom, I cam out to see Shahveer still in the same position as before.
I layed down besides him and wrapped my arms around his waist pulling myself closer to him. He turned away so that now his back was facing me.
I pulled the blanket up, covering both of us and drifted off to sleep.
What? Thats it!? So she is going to sleep in my shirt while hugging me without even caring about how I needed her attention. How rude! I scoffed in annoyance. It has been two hours since she fell asleep. And here I am thinking of her legs that are completely naked and were resting on top of mine. I groaned in frustration. Sexual might I add.
I turned around so that now I was facing her. I moved her hair out of her face and carressed her cheeks. She had dark circles under her eyes probably due to the lack of proper sleep.
My eyes move downward towards her legs, her shirt had rolled up showing a bit of her thighs. I moved my hand to pull down her shirt since it was getting hard for me to control. I felt her move and I froze. Her arms wrapped themselves around my torso and her face to my neck.
My hand stopped in mid-way when I heard her say, “Pervert, you keep on staring at my legs.” My eyes made contact with her beautiful black orbs. I tried moving away but she had a tight grip around my neck.
“Are you really that mad that you can’t even look at me?” She asked with innocence.
“Yes I am mad! To the point that I don’t even wanna look at you!” I yelled at her.
“Fine!,” she huffed and stood up, “I’ll just go to Ayan, atleast he loves me unlike someone.”
My eyes widen and I immediately grab her wrist pulling her down on the bed on top of me.
“I won’t allow that! You married me. Not him! Besides he has a wife already!”
Agreed that Ayan and I have a better relation now. Even though he apologized for his actions and told me that he loves his wife now, I still don’t trust him. And my wife uses that as an advantage. Getting me jealous every single time!
“You are allowed to have a second wife in Islam.” She rolled her eyes.
“Fine then! I’ll also get married and get a second wife.” At this, she glared at me.
She pulled me closer by my shirt and said, “I am sorry but you are my possesion and I am not going to share you with anyone!” She spoke in a sweet yet scary tone. I wrapped my arms around her and pushed up her a bit.
“And you are mine.” I said before kissing her passionately. We pulled away trying to even our breaths.
She pecked my forehead before settling down beside me on the bed. Together we both drifted off to sleep.
Salam. I hope you peeps are doing well. 🙂
This the last chapter of this book. I mean I am finally done with this book. PHEWW. Done for real. It was fun writing in the begining but it started getting boring.
To all those who have remained with me throughout this book. I LOVE YOU ALL. HONESTLY, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
As-salamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarokatuh
In Shaa Allah we will meet in Jannah

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