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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 34

by Yusuf Abdulwasii


“C’mon hurry up! We are already late!” I yelled.
Its been one week since our honeymoon and we are now back at our home. We were getting ready to meet my parents since they invited us. Its been ages since I last saw them.
“Shanzaayy!” I heard him whine. Sigh, I just realized I am stuck with a child. Definitely not a man. He came running down with a tie around his neck.
“Shahveer, you are not wearing a tie with that outfit!” I pointed out.
“But I want you to tie this.” I rolled my eyes. I walked towards him and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Shahveer, I’ll do that in the morning when you go to office everday,” I removed the tie and fixed the collars, “But right now this won’t do!” I placed the tie aside before kissing his nose.
You see, since we got back from her honeymoon he has basically turned into a kid. Whining, groaning and craving attention every single second. It is annoying and cute at the same time.
So inorder to persuade him, I simply kiss him. Like anywhere, literally. And he falls into my trap. Ladies, this trick really works. But it has its own disadvantage too. Like being held in their arms, that I am currently.
He just won’t let me go. I tried pushing him away but ended giving up. “What do you want Shahveer?” I glared at him. He smiled cheekily before sliding his hands inside my top.
“Ya Allah!” I shreiked as his hands moved up.
“Control your hormones, will you?” I forcefully removed his hands. He pouted and went outside to get the car.
Today we were planning on spending the night there. Soon we had reached. I quickly got out not even bothering to wait for my husband. I was too excited to meet my mom. Its been a long time since I last saw her. I pressed the door bell
The door pulled open to reveal my mom standing there. I quickly hugged her after saying my salam. Meanwhile my husband greeted my father and brother.
The men went to the living room while I went upstairs with my mom to my room. We talked a lot. She asked me about my marriage life.
“Ammi he is annoying at times. Always wanting attention. But he is sweet at the same time. He wakes me up for fajr often. He takes care of me like a newly born baby. I honestly am blessed.”
“Beta, men are like that. They do seem to appear tough from outside and they are but there is a part of them. The part that they only reveal to their equal mates. Shahveer is a good man. He is pious. He may seem tough but in the end he only wants one thing. And thats you. So give him attention for that increases the love between you two.” She smiled and carressed my hair as I lay in her lap. I was now dressed in my comfortable sweatpants and of course Shahveer’s shirt that I had stolen and had refused to give him back since it was way too comfortable.
Mom already went downstairs to make food and I also went downstairs to the kitchen to help her. We made chicken fried rice while sharing stories. I told my mom to go and rest while I set up the table.
After doing that I went to the living room where everyone was seated. They were all laughing at jokes. I stood at the entrance smiling at all of them. I went towards my dad and kissed his palm before sitting beside him.
“Shanzay, your husband over here says he is a Muezzin!” My father exclaimed. I looked up at him confused.
“See I’ll ask him,” he turned towards Shahveer, “Beta, what do you do?”
“I make the Azaan, sir.” I looked at him with a questioning look on my face. Since when did that happen?
“A Muezzin. That’s admirable! Where?”
“In your newborn grandchildren’s ears, In Shaa Allah.” He replied and I flushed red. What on earth is wrong with him? Ya Allah!
Everyone said ‘In Shaa Allah’ before they started laughing at my face. My husband winked at him. He is dead. I immediately went out of the room not before informing that dinner was ready.
After having dinner we all talked a bit more before resigning to our respective rooms. I was washing up dishes downstairs with Shahveer. Not exactly, since I was watching him wash the dishes. Well he insisted and I was too lazy to argue so don’t blame me.
After washing up all the plates he went to the washroom to wash his hands while I just sat at the counter, lost in my thoughts. I hadn’t realized that he had returned, not before I felt him pick me up. I secured my hold around his neck as he carried me upstairs towards my old room.
He sat me down on the bed and removed my pants. He undressed himself so that he was only wearing pyjamas that hung low around his waist showing his fully sculpted body.
He crawled on top of me before kissing me passionately. I was panting heavily now, my body was all hot. Shahveer was getting intimate. Ever since the honeymoon he has been like that. Touching me every minute.
I moved away from him to get some air but he pulled me towards his chest.
“Why did you say that?”
“Say what?” He asked.
“Whatever you just did downstairs!” Frustrated.
“Oh, you mean whatever I said downstairs that made you blush?” He teased and I blushed again.
“St-top it!” I said.
“Oh c’mon don’t tell me you don’t want mini you and me’s running around.”
“I d-do, b-but-” I was cut off by him.
“But what?” When he asked that I blushed.
“Oh wait,” realization dawned him, “does the thought of making them makes you blush?” He laughed when I blushed even more.
“I love your blush.” He said as he carressed my cheek.
“I love your smile.” I smiled at him.
“I love all your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.” I laughed out loud when he started blending out John Legend’s lyrics. I moved closer to him till our nose’s touched.
“I love you.” I said and placed a
He blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice. Fries. Just kidding.
“Serious?!” He exclaimed. I nodded in a yes.
“Ditto.” He said before he claimed my lips.

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