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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 30

by Yusuf Abdulwasii

“Wh-what?” I stuttered.
“Our honeymoon. You didn’t forget that did you?” He smirked, as he took out two bags that were behind the cupboard.
“But-but I’m not ready for that. Besides we still have a long way to go before we go on our honeymoon!” I whined.
“Yes honey, It indeed is a long way to our honeymoon.” He winked at me.
“But I still need to pack my bags. And we probably are going to miss our flight. So no point in packing.” I smiled sweetly at him while inside I was dancing in victory.
“Already packed!”
“Wait, what?!” I nearly screamed.
“Yes, I asked mom to pack a bag for you in the morning. See,” he pointed towards the black bag he was holding, “Now, shall we get going sweetheart?” I huffed in annoyance.
Before I could say anything he grabbed my hand and rushed me outside of the house, into the car.
“To the airport.” he told the driver in a stern tone.
I am so scared. So scared that I might just wet my pants. I mean I know this day was bound to come but this is too soon. I know its almost an year since we got married but aren’t we suppose to bond until we both are ready for this huge step? I let out a huge sigh, knowing that things aren’t going to turn out the way I want them to. Well, I can try reasoning with Shahveer when we get out from this car. I ain’t talking in front of the driver.
Shahveer grabbed my hand and rubbed his thumb over my knuckles trying to calm me down. The heck? How am I suppose to be calm at this stage when my dignity is at stake. No, this isn’t right! What if he does something… No, no, no! Ya Allah! Please protect me. Before I knew it we were already at the airport. The driver took out the bags from the back while I waited with Shahveer. As soon as the driver left, he grabbed my hand hastily and dragged me along with him.
This is the right time to speak. Yes! Speak up Shanzay! Just as I turned towards him and was about to speak, he pulled me roughly against him. I hit his chest with my fists. who on earth does he think he is? Public affection?! Allah doesn’t like public affection!
“What the heck are you doing?! Move away! Ya Allah! Move!!” I hit him harder. He leaned towards me and whispered in my ear;
“No one’s here.” I looked around to check and to my pure disbelief no one was really there. I blinked my eyes repeatedly to check if I wasn’t imagining things but to my dismay we were really alone.
“Now let’s get going. It’s about time, we start flyin'” I am so doomed. I could not even speak up or argue with him. Urghhh! Does this mean I’m willing to go along with him? No! I am just overthinking. Don’t think too much. Just don’t!
As we entered the plane everyone was staring. Every single double-eyed monster! I shrinked myself into Shahveer’s chest. I do not like attention. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly, reassuring me. I held on to his hand tightly as he led me through the economy class into the business class. We sat down in our respective seats and buckled up .
It has been ages since the plane took off and I’m bored to death. Shahveer is currently sleeping, his head on my shoulder. Ya bro! That’s yo wife there, not your bed! His hair is tickling my effing jaw. Phurrr Phurrr, Chooo Chooo, move outta the way. I didn’t actually say that, just in my head. Let’s just observe people, I mean my life ain’t gettin’ any better.
My eyes swept over the people, some were sleeping, drinking, eating and yikes! Burping. Oh My God! I see a Korean guy! But sadly, he is not handsome. Oooo look that huge guy, he is so dreamy. I said huge, that does not mean he is fat. I mean he is all muscles, sigh.
“Stop staring at him. He is haram, I’m halal. Stare at me.” I looked at Shahveer to see him smiling cheekily at me.
“Ah…finally awake?”
“Yes, I had a fine pillow after all.” He smirked.
We were interrupted by the voice of the flight attendant telling us to buckle up since the plane is about to land. Oh well finally there. Soon the plane landed and we were out of our seats. So now I am currently trying to figure out where I actually have landed. I looked around to find some clues. I saw a shop, and when I read its name I realized where I was.

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