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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 29

by Yusuf Abdulwasii


I haven’t really had a proper conversation with Shahveer. After the confession, everything seems awkward. Every single time he approaches me, I get nervous and run away. I have dissolved myself into work to avoid Shahveer. It’s been almost two weeks. I attend more appointments than usual and end up getting home late. Usually by that time Shahveer is asleep.
But the thing I’m worried about the most is Ayan. He has been wandering around my office ever since I minimized my conversation with Shahveer. I hate it. In past, I would have enjoyed spending time with him but now, not anymore. All he talks is about how much he loves that girl and is planning on proposing her. While I on the other hand pass a fake smile and go along with it.
I’ve been getting these warnings in my head whenever he is near. Like sirens going around whenever he comes close. I don’t want to appear rude and tell him to leave me alone. He sends me flowers everyday. Its frustrating me!
Mum has been pestering me about having dinner together with Shahveer. Its just things are so awkward right now and I don’t think I have the courage to ask him. I kean don’t guys usually say no and wgen you try to reason with them, they shout? I don’t know, but that’s what my friends told me.
I checked the time to see it was eleven-thirty pm. Shahveer must be asleep right now. I parked my car and entered the house. I turned the knob of the door of my room. A gasp escaped my mouth.
The room was filled with balloons at the ceiling. The bed was decorated with roses. It was such a beautiful sight. I smiled in admiration at Shahveer’s work. I looked around the room and he wasn’t there. Feeling thirsty, I moved towards the table where there was a bottle of water. I opened the lid and poured myself a glass of water. I took huge sips and was about to pur myself another glass of water but arms wrapped themselves around my waist preventing me from bending.
“Did you like it?” He whispered in my ear.
I smiled gleefully and turned around.
“Of course I di-” I stopped in the middle of the sentence when I looked at the face of the person. It was Ayan.
I quickly pushed him away from me. How on earth did he enter the house? More specifically, my room?
“Wha-t-t ar-e you doing here?” I stuttered, since I was shaken by the fact that it wasn’t Shahveer.
“I’m here to take you out on a date!” He smiled gleefully.
“What?! You’ve got to be kidding me. I am a married woman now! And I can’t go on dates with a person who is not my mehram. Besides this stuff is haraam in Islam. What has happened to you?” I yelled in anger. How could he even ask me that?
“Oh cmon, who cares about this stuff these days. I know you love me and I do too.”
“The heck? Please leave immediately! I can’t tolerate your nonsense.”
“Shanzay lis-” He was cut off my Shahveer, who was standing at the door.
“She told you to leave! So leave before I destroy your face.” He snarled.
“Just because you married her doesn’t mean I can’t make her mine. I would not lose to you!”
“Well, she is my wife now! You should not have come back! Back off, she’s already mine. And in future I do not want to see you near her again! If I do, things would get nasty!” Shahveer had Ayan pushed up against the wall. It was starting to scare me now. Ayan pushed him away with so much force that Shahveer almost fell down but he didn’t. And then Ayan stalked towards me while I moved backwards.
“Shanzay just answer me honestly! Just this once. Forget that Shahveer is present here. Just answer me. Do you love me? Don’t hesitate. I promise to make you happy forever.” His eyes were pleading me.
I took in a huge breath. “Ayan, I do not love you. I never loved you from the beginning.”
He looked as if he had been betrayed after hearing me. He sighed and then stood up.
“I guess she is yours after all,” he laughed, “I was too stupid to think that she would love me and choose me over you. Well, good luck then, have a good life. I might as well just disappear.” Saying that, he left the room.
I ran after him but before I could leave the room Shahveer stopped me by hugging me.
“Just let him leave, he’s already messed up our lives.”
“But-” he cut me off, “shhh…” as he pulled me closer to him. So we were basically glued to each other.
“Pack up your things, we are leaving tonight.” He spoke up after a few minutes of silence.
“But where?” I moved back a bit so that I was looking at him.
“Our honeymoon.” He smirked.
Well, I am doomed.

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