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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 25
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
I woke up due to the loud snores beside me. I looked up to see Shahveer snoring loudly. My nose scrunched up, he never really snores this loudly. Or does he? I shake my head before I smiled down at him. His arms were still wrapped around my waist tightly.
I traced his jawline with my hand. He had prominent features. You know one of those guys with with handsome features aand light beard. Yeah I’ve got one of those guy as my husband. Lucky me.
My face was just a few inches away from his. I could feel his breath fanning my face. I kissed his forehead and whispered, “Good morning,” in his ear.
Just as I moved down I felt him kiss my forehead.
I smiled up at him before snuggling back into his chest.
“To what do I owe this good morning surprise?”
“Well I decided to give us a chance.”
“Really? You mean no more baby steps? Meaning that I can sleep with you? Yes!”
He spoke in an excited tone.
“Hmmm…yes! No more baby steps. And about that sleeping part, maybe…” I trailed off.
“Oh hush! I’m sleeping with you! Whether you like it or not!.” he spoke while kissing my head. I simply smiled and kissed his cheek, before hugging him tightly.
“So you have a day off today?”
“Yes. I am probably going to stay in bed all day.”
“That’s so boring! But if you want we can make it interesting by staying in the bed only! Just a little bit more interesting.” He slyly smirked at me.
“Uhh…no, I’m not interested.” I moved back and turned around so that my back was facing him.
“Oh, but you were not complaining last night. You seemed to be enjoying it!” He moved closer to me, his head in the crook of my neck. My breath hitched as I felt him nibble my skin.
“Shahveeeeer! Stop it!!” I said while struggling to get out of his grip.
“Sorry.” He said softly. I didn’t want to stay in bed anymore. I got up and went to have a bath. After drying myself up when I reached out to grab my clothes from the hook, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my clothes with me. I groaned in frustration.
I had no other way except:
1. Walk out and grab some clothes or,
2. Tell Shahveer to lend me some.
I thought for a while and decided to go with the first option. Wrapping my hair and body in a towel, I pulled the door quietly and looked out for Shahveer.
He was still on the bed, playingon his phone.
I closed the door shut. I was not going to walk out just in a towel in front of Shahveer. Nope. Nada. Never.
But he is your husband. So it really doesn’t matter, he will see you someday. Completely naked.
Mentally cancelling out the first point, I decided to go with the second one. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and called out for him.
“Can you please get me some clothes from the closet.”
“Why?” I could totally imagine him smirking.
“What do you need clothes for?” I rolled my eyes.
“But I prefer you naked!” He said in a childish tone.
“What the falooda? Just give me the clothes!” I spoke angrily.
I heard shuffling before he gave me the clothes. I snatched them out of his hands and without noticing, I quickly wore them. I felt comfortable.
I walked outside while pinning my hijab. Walking towards the dresser I picked up the bottle of moisturizing lotion. I applied it on my cheeks and slowly massaged it.
“You look good in my shirt! You should wear them more often. I absolutely love it!” He said while staring at me with adoration.
I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that I was wearing a big red checkered shirt. It was Shahveer’s that’s why it reached just a centimeter above my knees. A masculine scent covered my nose. I took in a deep breath. Thats why I felt comfortable.
I decided to play with Shahveer. I turned around and looked at him with an angry face. His eyes widened, as I took menacing steps towards him.
“You played me, now it’s my turn.” I said in a seductive tone while leaning close towards his face. I felt him take a sharp breath. He closed his eyes, as my breath fanned his cheek. I placed a small kiss on his neck. He took in a deep breath. Moving up, my gaze locked with his.
His eyes looked down at my lips and I decided to tease him. I inched my lips closer towards his. He closed his eyes when I cupped his cheek. Quickly kissing his nose I tan towards the door.
“Oh, just you wait I’ll catch you! So run while you can!” I heard him yell as I bolted out of the room.
I ran towards the kitchen. He followed me behind. I quickly ran away upstairs and hid in the store room. I sound of footsteps made me take in a huge breath. I was feeling excited. Adrenaline was bursting through my veins. I couldn’t help but let out a giggle. The footsteps stopped immediately.
“Where are you Shanzay? Come out, I mean no harm!” I could sense him smirking through his tone. Psshh, he thinks am stupid?
“Come out wherever you are little birdy!”
A giggle escaped my mouth before I could stop it. I covered my mouth quickly. The sound of footsteps stopped. Silence surrounded the atmosphere. I grew curious and peeked out of the door quietly. No one was there, It was completely empty. Taking my chances, I walked out quietly.
Suddenly two muscular arms wrapped around my waist, picked me up. I squealed in surprise. His laughter boomed through the hallway. And me? I simply laughed along with him in his arms. Our foreheads resting against each other as we took deep breaths to control our laughter. We were gazing into each other’s eyes.
“I love you.” He whispered.
A crimson blush settled on my face. I hid my neck in his chest. He laughed again and kissed my head. He put me down and I made a run for the kitchen. He chuckled at my childish behavior. You know, hiding.
I started making pasta since it was already noon. As I stirred the dish, I felt arms around my waist. Shahveer’s head was on my left shoulder. An involuntary smile made its way on my face when I heard him humming a soft tune.
He moved me a bit so that now we were swaying. He hummed while making patterns with his fingers on my waist. I leaned back into his chest, embracing his masculine scent. Allah! It was so enticing. I was on the verge of melting away right in his arms.
He kissed my left cheek. Then my right cheek. Left. Right. He kept kissing my cheeks. I felt light,as if Shahveer’s hands were the only things keeping me anchored. I wanted to close my eyes and melt from the heat his body was generating.
The pasta was completely cooked now so I turned off the stove. But I didn’t move from my spot neither did Shahveer. Instead he turned me around so that now I was facing him. His right hand rested on my waist while the other interwined with mine. We swayed as he hummed.
I’d gotten lost in the swirls of sensations and emotions, and I stumbled blindly, trying to find some sort of rope to draw me back to myself, but failing miserably. I’m not that kind of woman who falls apart in the arms of a man, but right then, I was unraveling. And my dark and scary secret was that I liked the way it felt.
“Do you perhaps, have some feelings for me? Do you like me?” He words, whispered at my ear, skittered across my skin like an electric current. They were sounds. Just the low, sexy tones of his voice.
“Uhmmm…” I trailed off not knowing how to answer. I managed to gather myself, then tilted my face up to look at him. I saw love behind the grey fire of his eyes. His expression changed, and I once felt trapped in his gaze.
I turned my head, not wanting him to examine my face too closely. Not because I was hiding, but because there was more truth on my face than I wanted to admit. He stroked his hand lightly over my back as we continued to sway.
I pressed against him and sighed, my body feeling warm and melty. The meltiness hardened into steel as I came to a stop, then stepped out of his arms so I could face him dead on.
“Lunch is ready.” My voice was soft. Breathy. My heart pounding an unsteady rythm. I walked away from him trying to steady my heartbeat.

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