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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 24
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice that Shahveer was carrying me. I panicked in fear, what if someone saw us? This is going to be so embarrassing. So I started struggling, trying to get out of his grip but it seemed like that my struggles were not enough to make out of his grip. I saw that we were almost out of the hospital.
“Shahveer, put me down!” I said in a stern voice. He looked down at me and I changed my face into a puppy dog look. He groaned in frustration before he put me down. I jumped happily but my happiness soon died when he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him.
Practically glued to him, we both walked towards his car. I frowned, I had bought my car. How was I going to go to work tommorow?
“You car is at home. I told my driver to drive it back. And from tommorow onwards I’ll drop you and pick you up from work.” He said while searching for his keys.
My eyes widened, no way on earth am I letting that happen. I need to get out of this. He opened the passenger door and waited for me to get in. He closed the door and walked around the car towards the driver seat. He sat down and started the engine. The car roared, making adrenaline burst through my veins.
I loved the way the car moved so smoothly yet fast. And the way it roared. Aghhh I wanna marry this car, right now!
“No one can do that. You are already married to me. Mind you, I don’t like sharing what’s mine.” He said in a husky voice that almost made me melt.
“I’m not some possession nor a property.”
I told him angrily. He didn’t reply but instead he grabbed my hand and started making circles on the back of hand. His touch made the butterflies in my stomach go wild.
Silence settled between us. It was not a comfortable one. Shahveer’s touch was making me go wild. I decided to break the silence;
“Shahveer, don’t you think that you will be late for work if you drop me and pick me up daily? It’s fine I really don’t mind. I can drive myself you know, I have a driving license…” I trailed off because the look on Shahveer’s face told me he wasn’t interested.
“Shanzay, one thing you should know about me, that I always have time for my loved ones. You are my wife. My children’s Jannah. I love you and how could you ever think that my work is more important than you? It would never be! You, our kids and our families are the most important to me.”
“Where did kids come from?”
He let out a low chuckle, “Of all the things I said, you only caught on that part?”
I shrugged, but truth to be told his words made me feel all jittery and giddy inside. I couldn’t help but let a cheeky smile spread across my lips. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. I was beetroot by now.
Ahh…the things you make me feel boy, you have no idea…
We reached home within the span of fifteen minutes. I walked inside towards the kitchen. I was thirsty, grabbing a bottle I drank the water like a woman having no manners.
“Slow down, or else something might happen to you.” He said with a concerned look on his face.
Awww, he cares about me.
I simply nodded. He motioned for me to come towards him. A confused look came upon my face but nevertheless I went towards him. He grabbed my hand started walking upstairs. I panicked when I saw that we were walking towards Ma’s room.
What would they say when they see us holding hands? Shahveeeeer! You always do stupid things. I tried to free my hand out of his grip but it resulted in him tightening his grip even more. He opened the door to Ma and Pa’s room.
They both were sitting on the bed, laughing loudly while eating fruit.
“Assalmu Alaikum!” Shahveer said gleefully.
“Walaikumu Assalam beta, come here.” Pa said while pointing towards the edge of the bed.
“Hmmm…I see your relationship is progressing.” Ma said while at our hands and winked at me. I blushed and tried to hide behind Shahveer. But he pulled me infront.
“Yes Mom,” he kissed my hand which he was holding in his. If it’s even possible, my face flamed up even more. How can he just kiss my hand infront of his parents? Suddenly feeling all shy, I cowered back.
Shahveer must have noticed me, so he told his parents that we were going to sleep since it was late. Still holding my hand tightly, he led us towards our room. As soon as I entered the room, I removed my hand from his grasp and walked towards the closet. Wasting no time I grabbed my pyjamas and rushed towards thr bathroom to change.
After having a short bath I put on my pyjamas and walked out. Shahveer was already resting on the bed in his nightwear. I was feeling nervous and shy so I decided not to talk to him tonight. Even though I wanted to tell him to sleep on the floor but I was feeling way too nervous.
Closing the lights I moved towards the bed and laid down gently. The moonlight was streaming through the window. I gazed at the stars. Don’t you just ever think that Allah has made a beautiful universe. Indeed he has and SubhanAllah.
I felt Shahveer’s breath fanning my face, he kissed my cheek and then snuggled up closer to me. My cheeks were crimson due to his touch. He turned me around making me face him. I refused to meet his gaze. He forced my chin to move up making me stare deeply in his eyes. My lips parted as I stared at his beautiful eyes.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was clenching and unclenching his fists. It seemed as he was trying to control himself.
“Screw it!” I heard him mutter before he started kissing my collar bone. I held in a moan. What was this man doing? This is not right. He continued sucking, my face was all hot.
“Shahveer st-op t-th-this i-is n-ot appropriate.” I tried to push his shoulders to move him away. He instantly stopped and looked up. He moved his face closer to mine until our nose touched. I seriously liked his touch. It sent tingles through my body.
“We are married my sweetheart. Nothing is inappropriate between us anymore.” His voice all husky making me shiver.
“This is,” he nipped at my skin and kissed my neck, “All mine!”
I couldn’t deal with this anymore. My face was all red and the room suddenly felt hot. I needed to breathe. I pushed him away and ran inside the bathroom.
My hands were resting on the sides of the sink. I turned on the tap and hastily splashed water on my face. Realization hit me like a truck. He must have felt rejected and hurt when I pushed him away.
When I looked up in the mirror I saw something red on my collar bone. I moved a bit closer towards the mirror to check. I gasped, how dare he? He gave me a freaking hickey. I groaned, how could I have let him do that? I was the one talking about small steps and just look I couldn’t even resist him back there.
I didn’t notice that Shahveer was standing there the whole time until he came forward and wrapped his arms around my waist lifting me up. I squealed in suprise and immediately as a reflex action, I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and my legs around his waist.
He carried me towards the bed. As he laid me down on the bed, he crawled on the top of me. We were staring deeply into each others eyes. His hands were on the sides of my waist preventing me from escaping.
“Why? Why do you keep on avoiding me? Am I that bad that you don’t want me to be your husband. Or do love someone else? Why can’t you understand that I love you huh? Why is it so hard to love me?Why?!” His broken tone told me that he was almost on the vergeof crying.
I felt guilty. I felt my heart break when I saw the unleashed tears in his eyes. His forehead was resting on mine. It broke me inside to see him so miserable. Over the past few days that I spent with him, made me realize that I had started growing feelings for him.
I brought my hand up to his cheek and caressed it. The sudden need to hug was so strong that without thinking Ii embraced him tightly. He seemed shocked for a moment before he hugged me back, tightly. He rolled over so that now I was on the top of him.
He put is head in the crook of my neck nuzzling me. I sighed in content. I looked at him now to see that he had calmed down but his nose had gotten pink. He. Looked. So. Adorable.
Once again without thinking I kissed his nose. Shahveer raised his eyebrow at me. I let out a giggle.
“Sorry you just looked so adorable with a pink nose.” His ears tinged red.
“If I’m adorable then what about you?” He said while pulling me closer towards him. I hid my face in his chest. He let out a chuckle. Kissing my head he told me to sleep.
I snuggled closer to him, wanting to steal his warmth. Ahhh his hot body. I kissed his cheek before letting sleep take over me.
I vowed to myself that I’ll give us a chance before going to sleep.

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