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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 23
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
Argh! What should I make for breakfast? Cereal? Too plain. Omelets? Perfect. As I was working on the breakfast my thoughts wandered off to last night. I do not regret anything that happened yesterday but I still should not have let Shahveer hold me.
He might get ideas and I think this is going to fast. Just yesterday we decided to become friends and last night I was already in his arms. I think he is a jinn. Yes! Most definitely.
I heard footsteps ascending down. There were hushed voices and I immediately knew that by the scraping of chairs that we were going to have a family dinner. Finally! Shahveer free breakfast.
“Assalam-o-Alaikum.” I announced loudly. Ma and Pa smiled at me whilst replying to my salam. Akira just nodded whereas Bhai Inayat was still sleeping.
And last but not the least the devil himself looking amazingly gorg- what am I thinking?! He is ugly, yeah ugly.
I hummed softly as I stirred the butter.
They all were laughing. I smiled, finally no breakfast alone with the jinn. I served everyone and sat down beside Akira, opposite to him. He stared at me. You see at the table the couples sit together but since Inayat Bhai isn’t here today I sat down at his place.
I smirked at him. Instead of looking glum he smirked back. As everyone started eating after saying Bismillah, I let out a squeal. And moved my chair back. Something was tickling on my feet. Everyone looked at me. I blushed in embarrassment.
“What happened beta?” Pa asked, looking concerned.
“Nothing Pa.” He looked like he didn’t believe me but nodded anyway. I sat down and glared at the jinn. He only smiled at me innocent.
I picked up my fork, taking the first bite of my omelet. I felt something on my feet again but this type I didn’t scream. I looked up to see the jinn. He was enjoying it very much considering the stupid smirk on his face. His feet were freaking massaging mine.
His foot went further up then my ankle. I froze, and then I did what a girl would do if someone exceeds their limit. I kicked him hard enough to make any person scream. Instead his face twisted with pain as he took deep breaths. He looked constipated.
I laughed inwardly at him. This is hilarious. Suddenly an idea came into my head.
“Shahveer, the washroom is over there I think you should go!” I said in a sweet voice. He glared at me before standing up walking towards our room. I bit my lip, trying to keep myself from laughing.
“Shanzay!” I heard Shahveer scream from upstairs. Oh no! I bet he was going to kill me upstairs. I ignored him and carried on eating.
“Shanzay!!” He screamed a bit louder this time grabbing everyone’s attention. They all looked at me. I sighed and excused myself. I took small steps but then I walked faster because he screamed again.
I slammed the door open as I entered into the room. Closing it, I smiled sweetly at the jinn.
“Yes your highness? What do you need?” He smirked.
“Well my queen I’m sure you could not give me what I’m about to ask you about.”
“What do you want?” I gritted out.
“A kiss.” I rolled my eyes.
“-where you kicked.” I gagged.
“No your highness I would not do that.”
“And why wouldn’t you. I’m your king after all?” He said as he stepped closer.
“Well you are not my king but a royal pain in my butt.” I said flatly making a frown come on his face.
“Nevermind.” He said while shaking his head.
I offered Greg a candy as I entered the kids room. Children were playing around and when I entered they all tackled me down on the ground. Hugging the life outta me.
“Okay kids, move back I gotta breathe.” They all moved back and sat around me in a circle. I took out chocolates from my bag and distributed to all of them. The smiled and thanked me.
I wanted some space that’s why I came here to spend the day with these cute kiddos. A cute kid named Sam asked me:
“Greg told us that you are married now. Will you forget us? That means you won’t spend time with us anymore?” He said while sniffling. I melted at the cute sight.
I grabbed him and placed him on my lap. Just as I was about to reply him the door burst open. Everyone turned to look around.
“Hola amigos!” I loud voice broke into the room. I knew that voice very well. It was the jinn. Who on earth let him enter? I turned around to look at him. My breath hitched. He looked undeniably
handsome. He had on grey ripped jeans with a white shirt making his muscles visible.
Couldn’t he just leave me alone at peace?
I mentally fan myself. He smiled at me. I saw Julie standing behind him. She winked at me and mouthed have fun’
Oh just you wait. I’ll show you what fun is.
“I bought gifts for everyone.” And the children went running over to him. What? They just left me like that for him? What happened to our love children?
Oh stop being so dramatic!
I sighed, looking over at the handsome jinn.
This was a sight that every married woman would kill to see. Shahveer had this huge smile on his face as he distributed the gifts and sweets. The children, all kisses him on his cheek and in return he hugged them tightly. They all giggled as he made a silly face.
“C’mon children it’s story time!” He ushered the children towards their beds. It was around nine at night. I didn’t notice that I had been at work the whole time.
Shahveer sat beside me. I squeezed over a little since he was sitting way too close for my comfort. I had Sam in my lap while he had Angela in his lap.
“So what kind of story you guys wanna hear?”
“Prince and a Princess!” They all shouted in chorus. All this time I was watching him like a creep.
He chuckled and then looked over at me. His eyes softened when he saw me looking at him. He moved a bit closer to me. I could not move any more because I was stuck between a wall and him. Besides I had Sam in my lap and he was comfortable, I didn’t want to disturb him.
He grabbed my left hand in his right one. He gently made circular patterns over it with the help of his thumb. I didn’t argue since their were children in here.
“Once there was a prince, he had fallen in love with a beautiful girl.”
“What were their names?” They all asked.
“That’s a secret.” He winked at them.
“She was his princess. She was the most beautiful girl in his eyes. One day he confessed his love for her. But she lefy him broken.” He looked over at me and I looked away. I knew he was talking about us.
“He was so sad that he cried day and night, wishing for her to return to him. But the worst part was she seperated herself from him. They were best-friends but she left him.”
The kids gasped in shock.
He continued, “After many many years. They met again. He still loved her more than anything. She had grown even more beautiful than the last time. He wanted to marry her. He wanted to give her chocolates and play with her the whole day.”
I know that he was saying hugs and kisses instead of chocolates indirectly. But since their were kids he used their language. I blushed and looked away. Thank Allah it was dark so no one could see me blushing.
“I would have gone with him if he would have offered me chocolates and play the whole day. That girl was giving up on chocolates. How could she?” Angela spoke in a shocked tone.
If only you knew Angela, if only you knew…
“He finally had enough and he went towards her parents to ask for her hand in marriage. They agreed and soon the princess and prince played happily ever after with lots of chocolates.”
By now half of the room was quiet. Some of the kids had already slept while some were on the verge of dozing of.
“Does the prince still love the princess?” Angela asked.
I froze and closed my eyes. His eyes connected with mine. They held adoration and another emotion that I could not decipher.
“Yes he loves her very much. And he would do anything for her.” He said, his eyes never leaving mine. I broke the contact and looked down at Sam. He was fast asleep. I stood up quietly and placed him on his bed. Shahveer went to Angela’s bed. I went to tuck her in.
Just as Shahveer was about to leave, she grabbed his hand.
“I know that the prince is you and the princess is Shanzay. I know you love her a lot and I do too.” She mumbled before going to sleep. I kissed her forehead and quietly left the room. I quickly went to my office to grab my things. I didn’t want to face Shahveer right now.
Arms pulled me towards a hard wall. I looked up to see Shahveer staring at me with so much intensity. I was lost in his eyes. They were so beautiful, swirls of grey all around.
He leaned forward, making me stand completely against his body as he kissed my cheek. His nose still lingered on my cheek. I shivered at his hot breath which was fanning my face.
I pulled away and walked out of the office wgen he grabbed me again.
“Where do you think you are going?” He whispered huskily in my ear. I tried to renain cool but it was very hard.
“Uh-huh ho-home.” I stuttered out.
“You are coming with me.” He said more like a demand. I was about to protest when he picked me up bridal style and carried me towards his car. All I did was stare at him.

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