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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 22
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
Here I’m at the park with Shahveer. He is cracking jokes which really dont make sense at all. Like seriously, what did the toothbrush say to the teeth? I’m kissing you!
I don’t even know where he got these jokes from but I’m not complaining. To be honest, I’m enjoying myself. Being with Shahveer makes me smile. Honestly, I don’t hate his presence anymore. I enjoy spending time with him.
He was laughing at his own joke. And I was watching him. More like staring at him. I noticed his features. His pink lips parted as he laughed. His jaw sharp and defined giving him a sexy look. His greyish brown orbs sparkled due to the shine in them. I was speechless.
He was so undeniably handsome. I always had a dream that one day I’ll marry a guy as good-looking as Omar Borkan Al-Gala. Or maybe Matt Lanter, Logan Lerman. But looks didn’t matter to me that much as the personality did. I wanted love after marriage. I wanted my husband to hold me in his arms at night. I wanted us to be best friends. I wanted to have a relationship that ProphetMuhammad PBUH had with his wife.
And it seems that we are taking slow steps towards our relationship. And honestly I’m proud. Sometimes the thought of divorce crosses my mind but I shrug it off. I mean I can see Shahveer trying hard for this relationship to work out. Then I’m also willing to give it a try.
We buy ice cream and then go back to our spot. I sat down beside him and began eating the icecream. I could feel him staring at me when I licked my lips. I raised my eyebrow at him. He shrugged and went back to eating his icecream. The sun was going down slowly. The sky was 9f different shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. SubhanAllah.
The atmosphere was a bit chilly. So I moved closer to Shahveer. And soon my head was resting against his shoulder, I mean I was really tired and my eyes are about to close. Just as the last ray of sun vanishes I fall into a deep slumber sleep.
I smiled as I felt her head resting against my shoulder. I moved a bit closer to her wrapping my arm around her waist. She didn’t protest at this and I was happy. It was really late so I asked Shanzay to get moving. I got no answer. I frown was now etched on my face.
I moved my body to get a better view of her face to see she was asleep. I shook my head in amusement. So thats why she didn’t protest. I stood up and cleaned my jeans. I bent down and picked up Shanzay bridal style. My breath stopped when I felt her small arms wrapped around my neck. She snuggled closer to me so that now her breath was fanning my neck and her head resting against my shoulder.
I walked towards my car and put her in the passenger sleep. She wouldn’t let go of my neck. But after a while I got out of her hold.
On the way back to home I bought dinner from a chinese restaurant.
It was not difficult for me to carry both; the dinner and my love. She was light and that told me that I needed to make her fat. I gently laid her down on the bed and went to the bathroom to change my clothes. When I came out Shanzay’s mouth was in a pout and she was snuggled against my pillow.
I decided to wake her up since she needed to eat. I sat down beside and bent down towards her ear.
“Boo!” I shouted in her ear. She immediately jumped and sat down on my lap. I started laughing. Her reactions are hilarious. While laughing my arms wrapped themselves around her. She looked up to see me laughing and started throwing punches on my chest.
I laughed even harder when I saw the ounce of energy she had her in her punches. It was like a small chihuahua punching you. Her face was red. When she saw that there was no effect of her punches she stopped and rested her her against my chest.
I kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to me. She was like a fluffy teddy bear that you just want to cuddle with abd never let go.
“As much I like this position, we need to eat.” I said while burying my head in the crook of her neck.
“Carry me.”
“Carry me.” Right now I couldn’t careless because I was so tired and didn’t want to walk. Besides he was so warm it was hard. Scold me later for it but let me enjoy this position right now.
He nodded at me and carried me downstairs. While I clutched on to his neck like a little baby. When we reached down he had already warmed the food and it was ready resting on the small table. A couch was there with a tv. The couch could fit only one person so I got confused that how were we going to eat?
He sat down making ne sit on his lap. He made syre that we were comfortable. Turning on the tv he grabbed the plate which had our food on it. He put on the HBO channel. Man of Steel was playing.
I watched the movie as Shahveer fed me.
If only we could stay like this forever. Ahgg! What am I thinking!! Clearing my thoughts I tightened my hold around Shahveer. I sighed in contentment as I let my eyes close.
Checking the time I decided that it was time that we should sleep. This day was the far most best day I ever had. Shanzay had let me hold her without arguing. I smiled when I saw she had fallen asleep again. I let out a big yawn, since I was too tired to go upstairs towards the room. I decided to spend the night here with my wife.
Pulling the blanket over us I fell asleep with my angel in my arms.
I felt warm air on my head. Since the bed was so warm I didn’t open my eyes. But the I felt a kiss on my forehead. I smiled and snuggled into his chest. He let out a low chuckle.

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