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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 21
by Yusuf Abdulwasii

I was resting against the headboard of the bed and was thinking of the series of events that happened today. Shanzay was praying in the prayer room. She was pretty shaken up after what happened in the hospital.
No matter how many times I told her that everything was fine now and told her that she saved two lives, she still didn’t seem convinced. She said she was going to prayer room to pray. I guess she wanted some time alone.
But to be honest I’m proud of her. I have no idea how she helped a woman in labor and saved two lives even though she is an Audiologist. I smiled at the thought when she hugged me back without hesitating.
We are taking slow steps towards our relationship. Honestly, I hate it. I can’t hug her or even sleep with her. But I have to do it and InshAllah everything will be fine. While I was thinking deeply, Shanzay entered the room. Her face was burning with rage.
Red face, cute. For a moment I tensed that she might be angry for something that I might have done. She sat down on the opposite side of the bed and took deep breaths to calm herself down. I was watching her with amusement, when I realized that I should aske her.
I went closer towards her and asked, “What’s wrong?”. She looked at me before she shhe stood up and spoke.
“I can’t believe that the gynecologist refused to come! I mean seriously? A woman was in labor and one of the doctors refused to come and help. I’m gonna sue him once I see him!” She said this all in one breath while taking rounds around the room.
I held in a stifle, but I failed and ended up laughing. She looked so cute, and she is quite entertaining. She heard me kaughing and raised an eyebrow at me.
“You-you-look so-funny!” I said between laughs. She groaned and hid her face with her hands. My laughter died down and I pulled her down to the bed to sit. I grabbed her hands and squeezed them, reassuring her that everything is fine.
She nodded with a smile on her face. Then she started blabbing about how she became an aunt and how she is happy. Now you might be wondering that how did Shanzay become an aunt since she has no sister. Well I don’t know how, when and what happened but by the time I went to buy a gift for Abdullah, Shanzay and Hania had become best buddies.
Shanzay had told me to buy a baby hamper for Abdullah as a gift. So I did go. By the time I was back I got to know that Hania considered Shanzay as Abdullah’s aunt since she also had no sister and wanted Abdullah to have one. Don’t ask me how in a matter of one hour they became best buddies.
I guess its a girl thing.
Moving on, I asked Shanzay about the schedule for today. She said she had no plans, so I decided to get to know her. I told her to get ready since I was taking her out.
I pulled out near shore park. Shanzay’s eyes lightened up like a Christmas tree. She went running inside, without even waiting for me. I locked the car and got out.
I looked for my wife around the park. It wasn’t crowded except a few people strolling around. I saw Shanzay playing with little ducklings near the pond. I smiled and went towards where she was. She was so busy that she didn’t even notice me standing there.
I took out my phone and took a picture of her. I smiled at the photo, this is going to be a surprise for her. The ducklings went away, trotting behind their mother. She had a huge smile on her face as she looked at them. I stood beside her, shoving my hands in the pocket of my pants.
“We have so many memories here.” She said while looking around. I nodded, that’s the reason I bought her here, to relive our memories.
I grabbed her hand and went towards a tree. This tree was not just any tree, this tree is the spot where most of our kid picnics happened. Shanzay realized that this was our tree. She had a beautiful smile across her lips.
I wanna kiss her so bad!
“I remember when it was your sister’s wedding. And Akram and I sat together in one car in the passenger seat. We had so much fun during the ride. We would buy snacks at every time we stopped for fuel. By the time we reached our destination, the passenger seat was filled with wrappers of chocolates and other food stuff.”
I clenched my fists. Yes! I remember very well that even Akram had a crush on her but it all changed when he started falling for another girl.
My wife is an attraction magnet. Every guy I introduced Shanzay to, they told me they liked her and I wanted nothing more than to punch them in their faces. I mean yes, who wouldn’t like Shanzay. She is funny, a rebel and pretty cool.
Well anyways idiots, she is mine now.
She ran towards where the woods were in the park. I trailed behind her.
She immediately ran towards the spot where I realized I loved her.
“C’mon slow poke. You are so slow!” Shanzay said to me in a teasing manner.
“I am not slow!” I grumbled out, I was just tired of hiding. Can’t Akram catch us already and end this game?
“Oh really now?” She spoke with a hint of amusement in her tone.
“Yes! And now its time for you to run because the beast is about to unleash!” I said roaring after her.
Her eyes widened and she immediately ran. Oh love, I’m coming. I fastened my speed and grabbed her by her waist twirling her around. She giggled abd told me to put her down. She was so light for an eleven year old.
I put her down and we sat down against the oak tree trying to catch our breaths. I felt her taking my phone from my hands. I watched her as she took out the headphones from her pocket.
At that moment she looked like the most beautiful angel on earth right now. The sun rays showered her face with sunlight making her seem like an angel. She looks so beautiful. I gazed at her until she offered me one head speaker. I took it and put it in my ear. She did the same.
At that moment I realized I love her. The age difference doesn’t matter. Its only five years! The only thing that matters is I love her. At that moment, I wished that we were betrothed more than anything. Just like my parents got married at eighteen. I could also have her as my wife when we wiuld turn eighteen.
Sighing, I got up and walked our way back towards our home. I wanted to be alone for awhile. Maybe some distance from her would make these feelings go away.
But boy, I was so wrong.
*Flashback Over *
She looked at the tree and then turned to look at me. As soon as our eyes met I was a goner. She looked away immediately refusing to meet my gaze. I was hurt. Why did she look away?

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