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My Heart Beats for you
Chapter 20
by Yusuf Abdulwasii
I groaned as I felt the warm sunlight hit my face. Who on earth let the sunlight in? I pulled the duvets over me. I tried to sleep again but my eyes just won’t shut down. Sighing, I got out of the bed and walked towards the washroom.
Cleaning myself up, I went downstairs to make breakfast. Noush was having her breakfast in the kitchen. I have told her plenty of times to have breakfast on the table with everyone but she doesn’t listen at all. Noush told ne that everyone had somewhere to leave so they left early in the morning.
I told Noush to take off for the day since no work is left to be done. She thanked me and left. I fixed my hijab before making breakfast for my new friend and myself. Just as I was about to crack the eggs, huge muscular arms wrapped themselves around my waist.
“How did you sleep?” He let out a low grunt. I chuckled at the hoarseness in his voice. I bet he couldn’t sleep the whole night since he kept tossing around most of the time.
“Like a baby.” I replied cheekily. I tried to pry myself from Shahveer’s muscular arms but he wouldn’t let go. I frowned, weren’t we taking baby steps towards our relationship?
“Shahveer.” I stressed out his name.
‘Hmm’ was all I got from him.
“We agreed on taking small steps, didn’t we?” He put his head on my shoulder.
“Can we forgot about that? Right now I just want you in my arms.” An involuntary smile made its way on my face. But I had to do this for a better relationship in future. He has to gain my trust and love. So I did what I had to, I hit his head with the spoon I was holding.
He immediately unwrapped himself from me.
“Why did you that?” He grunted.
“Well, we had promised to take baby steps towards us . And what you did was so not included in baby steps. We are friends right now.” I said while putting my hands on my hips.
He pouted before dragging himself towards the bedroom. Must have went brush his teeth. I continued making breakfast. When everything was ready I called for Shahveer to come downstairs. I got no response, so I went upstairs to check on him.
There he was, on the bed snuggled up with my pillow. He let out soft snores which made his hair move infront of his face.
Adorable. I went closer to him so that I could remove his hair from his face. I traced his jawline and smiled.
Gosh, he is so cute. I melted at the sight in front of me. Sighing, I realized that I had to wake him up for breakfast. I poked his arm which was all muscle if you ask me. He didn’t open his eyes so this time I poked him harder but no avail. I called out his name.
He still didn’t wake up. Suddenly an idea came into my mind. I inched closer to his face. Closer, closer, closer.
Just as I was about to scream in his ear, he grabbed me by the waist pulling me down. Which eventually led to me landing on his
naked chest.
I blushed at the proximity. I tried to wiggle my way out but his grip tightened even more.
“I love this position. You in my grip-ahh!” I covered his mouth before he could say something dirty. He licked my hand and muttered ‘yum’.
I gave him a disgusted look.
I forgot how close we were when I noticed that our lips were only a few centimeters away. My lips parted as he stared at them. His hand which was resting on my lower back, came up to my neck.
He lowered my neck with the help of his hand. My first kiss- no wait! This is too fast. I immediately jumped up making him shocked at my sudden action.
“Umm..th..the break..breakfast is ready.” I stuttered out before walking out quickly. I grabbed two plates and put them on the table. I served myself with eggs first. Shahveer came down naked. No wait! Not naked but shirtless. My poor eyes!
Oh shutup! You know you ogle at his chest! More like ‘the whole Shahveer’
I donot!
You do!
He sat down and started eating while staring at me. He won’t even look away. It was making me uncomfortable and now I had lost my appetite. Talk about awkard.
I heard my phone ringing upstairs, I ran upstairs immediately. My only way to escape the awkard atmosphere downstairs.
“Doctor! There is a patient, and she is in labour right now. You have to get here as soon as possible. There are no other doctors available!”
Without thinking I replied yes and grabbed my coat, running outside. I slipped on my abaya before leaving for the hospital. There was a crowd gathered at the entrance of the hospital. I quickly got inside and everyone made way for me.
A woman was clutching her stomach. She looked in extreme pain as tears were rolling down her cheek. I asked Julie about any Gynecologist available that could deliver the baby. But she said there were only three gynecologists and two of them were put of town while the other one refused to come. To say I was furious would be an understatement.
I told Julie to give me the name of the doctor later. I would deal with him later. I don’t know what to do right now. I’m an Audiologist. I can’t help the woman. But I can’t let her die too. So I did what I had to inorder to save her. My friend was a gynecologist and she often told me how she helped the woman which were in labour. She even made me watch videos.
I know its gross but thats medical and you gotta see all this stuff if you’re a doctor no matter which specification.
I told Julie to get the stuff ready. She checked the the woman and told me she was ready. All this time I was reciting Durood and Kalma. Ya Allah! Help me.
Saying Bismillah, I told the woman to push. She did as she was told but screamed. She pushed again. It was already half an hour and no improvements were made. I was on the verge of crying. Because of me two people were going to die. The lady was also crying.
I recited Durood before telling the lady to push again. She pushed and finally she gave birth to the most beautiful little guy in the world. I held him in my hands as the nurses covered him in a blanket before taking him up for check up.
The woman was looking at me and crying, even I was crying because no one died. The woman thanked me over and over again.
“I have no idea how to thank you. You saved my baby. Thank you so much. I’m very much obliged to you. Please tell me how should I repay you? Please!”
I shook my head indicating that it was alright and she should thank Allah, because of Allah this miracle happened. I figured she was a Muslim since she repeated ‘Allhamdulilah’ over and over again. The door burst open and a man entered the room.
He immediately hugged the life out of the woman. I hadn’t noticed that Shahveer had come to the hospital until the man came in. I quietly walked out, giving the couple some time.
Shahveer engulfed me in a hug and whispered soothing words in my ear. I cried, because I saved a life. I was scared to death when I didn’t know what what to do. Indeed Allah is the one who helped me out. Allah is always by our side when you need him the most.
I clutched on Shahveer’s shirt as I wiped my tears away. Shahveer told me that he was proud of me and hugged me tightly. I smiled and hugged him back because I needed to hug someone badly.
The nurses came and handed me the baby. He had tiny fingers and a cute little button nose with pink lips. My god he was blessed with good genes.
He slowly opened his eyes and I swear I stopped breathing. His eyes were a mixture brown and green, almost hazel. MashAllah.
I gave the baby to his mother. The all looked so happy. I stood their smiling at them, cute little family. Shahveer held my hand squeezed it.
“That’s going to be us someday, InshAllah. “
I don’t know why but I asked the parents that if my friend could recite Azan in his ears. They nodded and I took the baby from them and gave it to Shahveer. He looked at me, probably shocked that I was referring to him. I nodded at him telling him to go ahead.
He looked at me hesitantly before he started. And let me tell you his voice is MashAllah. I smiled at the sight in front of me. They looked cute together. Someday…someday. I shook my thoughts stopping myself from thinking.
The lady, Hania and her husband Kamal named the baby boy Abdullah. And let me tell you something, I became an aunt that day to Abdullah.

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